How to save money on your home internet bills

If you’ve looked at your home internet bill lately, it might take you by surprise. Some companies are raising their rates, which means your bill could climb higher in the future. However, you probably can’t just disconnect from the internet as you could have work that you need to do for your job. Your children might have assignments that they need to complete. Some members of your household might play games online or might enjoy keeping in touch with friends and family, especially at a time when the pandemic has kept people from visiting each other quite as much. Here are a few hints for getting your internet bill a bit lower without cutting the cord.

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All in the Details

When you get your bill, you need to look at all of the details on it to make sure you’re not being charged too much and to see if there have been any increases. Look at the internet speed that you’re paying for and if there are any fees that are added each month if you go over a certain data usage. If you know that you’re coming to the end of your contract, you can sometimes contact the company to keep your current rate. 


Fast internet speed is great so that you can play games or do things online with ease. However, you might not need the fastest speed available, which is usually the most expensive. One way to lower your internet bill is by asking for a slower internet speed. 

Number of Devices

Some internet service providers will charge an additional fee if you have more than one or two devices in your home. If you can remove at least one, then you might save a few dollars each month. You could also save on data that’s used if you reduce the number of devices that you have, especially if you can use the internet service on your phone instead of a computer or game system. You can save money on your bill by purchasing your own router and modem so that you don’t have to buy it from the internet provider or pay a monthly fee. 

The Competition

Look into the price of other internet companies to see if you can get a lower rate. In case you’re in an agreement with your present organization, then you might have to wait until the period is over as getting out early could result in more fees to pay. A few organizations will offer a lower rate if you tell them that you’re not happy with the fees that you pay now or the service that you currently have. A smaller company could offer lower rates compared to one that’s larger as the smaller businesses are trying to build and get new customers. 

Multiple Services

Many of the larger companies like Spectrum and MetroNet offer discounts if you bundle multiple services together. You could get television, internet, and phone services at a reduced rate instead of choosing multiple providers for each utility. This idea can help reduce the number of payments that you make during the month as well since you’ll have more than one utility on one bill compared to three or four separate bills. Another option to consider if you’re bundling is cutting out a service that you don’t need, such as cable television as most channels can be streamed online.


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