How To Remove Address From Your Credit Report

Although your personal information does not directly affect your credit score, having incorrect details on your report can cause confusion, or indirectly impact your credit score. Consumers should aim to keep their credit reports as accurate as possible to avoid any unnecessary setbacks.

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This article will deal with how, and when to remove an address from your credit report, and why it is on your report.

Do you need to remove an address?

There are two main reasons why you might want to remove an address from your report:

  • Your address needs to be updated because you moved,
  • Your address on your report is incorrect.

The latter could possibly indicate that you are a victim of identity theft. Do not panic, though! There are several reasons why the address on your report might be incorrect, and they are harmless. You can consult Credit Sage for Free today and get  the reassurance you need to keep moving forward.

Reasons Why The Address Could Be On Your Report

  • You have recently moved: In this case, your report will automatically be updated after it is reported to the bureaus by your creditors.
  • You own a joint account or have authorized access to a friend’s or family member’s account.Ensure that information is accurate and report any changes that are unexpected.
  • Since you are associated, the information is legitimate and there is no need to remove it; it will not impact your score.
  • You’ve received mail at the address.
  • Your name might be associated with addresses where your mail used to be, or has been sent such as a P.O box, a short-term rental, or your workplace.

You do not have to stress about this. It is not an abnormal occurrence as it can take some time for certain information to update, but you can still have it fast tracked by raising the issue yourself.

When you should worry about an incorrect address

The only time you should worry about an incorrect address appearing on your report is if you have absolutely no knowledge of the address, and cannot find any reason as to why it has appeared. If so:

  • File a dispute: Open a dispute online with your creditor, or the credit bureaus that have your report. The creditor will investigate the origin of the address, and if it is linked to one of your accounts.
  • If it is not linked to one of your accounts, the creditor should be able to give you the results of your dispute within 30 days. Only incorrect information can be removed from your credit report. Any information that belongs to, or is associated with you, will remain on the report.

How to combat fraud attacks

Free credit monitoring service. Ensure that information is accurate and report any changes that are unexpected.

If activity on your report leads you to suspect fraud, Experian’s Fraud Alert Center which will notify lenders if identity thieves hack into your account, demanding that they verify your account, and your information, as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

It has become vitally important that consumers regularly review their credit reports and ensure that the information reflected therein is accurate. The process is free and can be completed online. If you prefer the assistance of a credit specialist, like Credit Sage they are also accessible online and will help you through the whole process.

Clear up old addresses on your credit report today and start your credit score improvement journey.


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