How To Recover Deleted Messages On A Smartphone

Most children and teenagers with mobile phones use them to text their pals, download or surf the internet. 

The internet can be a scary place for young ones and as a parent, you must protect kids from the evils on there. 

Young people are easy to manipulate and can fall prey to dangerous individuals online. They may also end up subscribing to inappropriate services online which they are not supposed to.

to see deleted messages

When they make such decisions and realize their mistakes, they will most likely resort to deleting the traces of such mistakes to cover their tracks. To see deleted messages on their smartphones you will need to invest in a message tracker app. The best apps to see deleted messages on mobile devices are outlined below. 

Best Apps to See Deleted Messages on a Mobile Phone

1. uMobix

This is the best app you can use to see deleted messages on a smartphone. The uMobix app allows you to view all text messages sent and received on your child or partner’s mobile phone. This includes a “deleted messages”’ section which is marked “deleted” to help you identify them. This will help you find out information that your child or partner wants to hide from you. This feature works for both sent and received messages. The SMS tracking feature also lets you block incoming and outgoing messages on your target device. 

Social media has become increasingly popular among young people and you must be able to track the activity of your kid and partner when needed. uMobix allows you to monitor your children’s social media accounts. It includes support for more than 30 social media and instant messaging apps such as iMessage, Facebook, and Whatsapp. uMobix also allows you to view messages and pictures sent and received via these social media apps. 

You can also keep track of who your target speaks to on the phone using the uMobix call monitoring feature. This feature gives you access to the call log of the target device. This reveals information such as the name of the caller, the amount of time spent on the call, and the time the call was made. You will be able to see deleted call logs on your dashboard. This app also gives you access to the full list of contacts on your target device. You also receive alerts if your target changes the name of any contact. 

You also get some control over the apps which your child can make use of as well as the amount of time that can be spent using these apps. The uMobix app gives you a list of all the applications installed on the target device as well as the time spent using each of these apps. You can then go ahead to block access to apps that have been overused or even delete apps that you are not comfortable with. You can also lock down the phone completely if you feel your child spends too much time on their phone. 

The uMobix app also allows you to track the location of a target device. This feature makes use of the GPS and cell signals of the target device to give you an accurate fix of your target device’s location. As most people carry their smartphones everywhere with them, this is an effective way of tracking a person’s location. This message tracker also allows you to view a list of all the locations that have been visited by the target. This means your child or partner can no longer lie successfully about their location. 

To enjoy the benefits of the uMobix app, you have to pay for a subscription and then install the message tracker on the target device. The subscription can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The monthly plan costs $49.99, the quarterly plan, $83.99, and the yearly plan costs $139.99. The installation process is straightforward and detailed explanations are present on the uMobix website and YouTube channel. The uMobix customer support service will also help you if you face any issues. 

2. Spyzzz

Spyzzz is a tracker app that helps you monitor the activities of your partner, child, or employee remotely. It has various features which can be used for this monitoring, one of which is the SMS monitoring feature. This feature allows you to view all messages sent and received from a mobile device. It even allows you to see deleted messages, an important feature that can help you discover secret conversations. 

Spyzzz also has a keylogger. This means you can get a log of everything that is typed using the device’s keyboard. This includes messages, log-in details, and passwords. As long as the information is typed on the target device, you can have access to that information. Spyzzz groups the logs of keystrokes grouped by what application they were captured in to help you sort through them easily. 

You can access the photos and videos stored on your target device’s storage using the Spyzzz message tracker feature. You can view these media directly from your dashboard and can even download them if you so wish. This will help you make sure that your kids are not downloading or receiving inappropriate images over the internet. You can also make use of the cameras on the target device to take a recording or a snapshot. This will help you have an idea of the activities going on in your target’s surroundings. 

Spyzzz also enables you to keep track of your child’s internet activity. You can access the browser history which gives you a list of all the websites they have visited on their device as well as timestamps to tell you when they visited these websites. You also have access to all of their bookmarks which can help you get an idea of the websites they frequently visit on their smartphones. If you find out your child visits a website that you find inappropriate, you can block such websites. The app would prevent the device from accessing these inappropriate websites. You can get the Spyzzz app for $49.99 per month. 

3. Spybubble Pro

If you would like to see deleted messages on your child or partner’s mobile device, this is one of the best apps you can get. SpyBubble Pro gives unrestricted access to all of the text messages sent and received on the target device. With Spybubble Pro, deleting a message would no longer be enough to keep you out of the loop. That is, your target would be unable to keep implicating messages away from you. 

SpyBubble Pro gives you some level of control over how the target device is used. You can restrict the device’s access to the internet, restrict access to certain apps, and can even block access to the device. SpyBubble Pro costs $49.99 every month to make use of its various features. 


All the apps mentioned above offer you the chance to view deleted text messages remotely. They install stealthily on the target device so that your target is unaware that they are being tracked. With these apps, you can protect your children at all times from the shadows like a superhero. Get one today!


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