How to Get a Saudi Arabian Phone Number?

Virtual mobile numbers are phone numbers that are not linked to a physical smartphone or SIM card but, instead, work over the Internet. They can be useful in various situations. For example, to protect sensitive information or to register on sites that require verification. If you are in Saudi Arabia, or you need a mobile number with this country code, you will find everything you need at

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Main ways to use virtual mobile numbers in Saudi Arabia

There are many situations where a virtual Saudi Arabian phone number may be useful to you. Let’s recall the most popular ones (although this list is not limited to them). Registration on sites. It can be any resource: an email, a dating site, or a new profile on social networks. When you need to register on a site that requires phone number verification, using a virtual mobile number can be useful.

  • Authentication in various applications. Apps used to not ask for so much personal data, but now, they do. The mobile number must be specified ‌in some games; otherwise, the application will not save progress and achievements. But it is not always advisable to use the
    main number for this.
  • You can make calls using the virtual number without any problems, both within Saudi Arabia and abroad without additional charges, except for those set by the terms of your Hottelecom tariff.
  • Receive SMS to a virtual number and protect yourself from spam and unwanted messages.
  • Protect sensitive information — use a virtual number to verify two-step authentication to avoid cyber fraud.

    In addition, you can save on communication services since VoIP telephony costs less than cellular communication.

Why Hottelecom?

Hottelecom offers you dozens of advantages over using a mobile virtual number. ‌Hottelecom’s service focuses on increasing the consumer data protection and providing communication services with greater comfort. It means you can choose a temporary number or use a virtual number for a long time. You can also pay the tariff in any convenient way, even in the form of a cryptocurrency payment. This way, you can remain a completely anonymous user, and we appreciate your desire to keep personal or confidential information under such reliable protection. That is why, you should try Hottelecom services if you have not yet become a subscriber.


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