How Mobile Tech Has Changed Every Aspect of our Lives

mobile tech
Mobile tech places connectivity at the forefront, a growing priority for most people

By now, it’s clear that the invention of the mobile phone and it’s various innovations have revolutionized the world and society in a huge way. However, have you ever thought about the ways in which your mobile device has altered life events and even the decisions you make? Think about the most basic aspects of your everyday such as navigating your way to work or school, being entertained, and meeting friends or new acquaintances. Each of these common occurrences have changed in light of those tiny smart devices. Below we’ll expand on exactly how the expansion of mobile tech comes into play in every moment of our everyday lives.

Where we are entertained and where we go for entertainment

Let’s face it – people don’t go to the movies as much anymore because they have Netflix; online casino platforms make brick and mortar locations seem obsolete; and with the opportunity to live stream sports straight from a mobile phone, obtaining physical game tickets has taken backseat. The truth is that the way we seek to be entertained has shifted dramatically because of the smart phone. Nowadays, people can find just as much, if not more, fun, amusement, and thrills on the screen as they can anywhere else.

Sometimes, the mobile entertainment experience can even give more to the user; this is especially true for gaming. For example, the mobility of online poker allows for the strategic game to be played at any time with other people from around the world, all while staying comfy and cozy at home. In addition, other multiplayer games like chess and billiards can even be played on your device offline, making the activity even more accessible. Whether it’s using the phone to watch a new movie release on a popular streaming network or for gaming competitively with friends during free time, the way we choose to be entertained in today’s world almost always involves, in some way or another, the use of our mobile devices.

How we know where to go and how we get around

Another big, day-to-day happening involves moving from one place to another. Although you may know your route to work like the back of your hand, you probably don’t know how to get around a new city or town if you’re visiting for the first time. Having a mobile phone attached to our person at all times allows us to always know where we are headed and to practically never get lost. Aside from navigating on our own, ride-sharing mobile applications give us the means to pay for the journey to be someone else’s responsibility, a concept that many believe to  be even more convenient than catching a traditional taxi. Companies like Uber and Cabify have revolutionized the navigation experience and given people the confidence to travel with ease, knowing that they will always have an option to get home if they can’t manage to find a cab. Without our mobile phones to guide and direct us, we’d be back to printing out MapQuest directions and having the back-seat drivers navigate us. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most influential features of the mobile phone on our everyday lives.

How we meet people and enter into new relationships

When it comes to meeting up with friends or even forging entirely new relationships in or outside of our social circle, mobile phones help more than we may realize. Applications like Meetup, Blyde, Eventbrite, and more connect people with others in their area searching for plans or opportunities to make new friendships in their specific community. The way in which we go about falling into romantic relationships has also completely changed with the smart phone. Nowadays, dating apps have become a first option for many as their convenience and success rates speak for themselves.

Dine out
Social media and its many features have completely transformed the way we dine out at a restaurant

The phone eats first

Even a common activity like going out to eat has changed with mobile phones by our sides. Just think about the last time you had dinner with a friend. They probably snapped a photo of their meal before diving in, right? Not surprisingly, this phenomenon actually has a name: “phone (camera) eats first” is a common expression in today’s environment which points to the way in which people commonly post their food to social media before taking a bite. Mobile platforms such as Instagram have changed much of the way we interact, even with food. With these technologies rapidly evolving and improving, the future of mobile phones will surely come with more societal behavior alterations.



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