How CART Captioning Can Benefit Your Event

There’s a lot of work involved in planning successful seminars, conferences, and other events than some realize. After all, beyond the logistics and intangible and tangible aspects of the affair, you must carefully consider several factors to ensure the satisfaction of every attendee. And one of these considerations that often go overlooked and neglected is accessibility, specifically CART solutions. However, there are many advantages to having CART captions for live events, and in this article, we’ll cover a few ways in which it can benefit you.



If your event has attendees who have disabilities like impaired hearing, they’ll likely struggle to understand what the event is all about without any means of accessibility, like CART services. And if they can’t hear what people are saying, there’s a good chance they’ll leave unsatisfied with the affair. With a sizable demographic affected by hearing-related problems, their needs must be accommodated. In addition, if everyone has the same access to the information presented at the event, they’ll be more engaged.

Language comprehension

Anyone who has ever tried learning a different language knows that it’s not easy to pick every word someone says. Usually, people would need to hear it a second or even a third time to understand it. So if you’re expecting people who have English as a second language, securing CART services can help improve their comprehension and keep them on the same page as everyone else as a result.


Once CART begins transforming the speech into text format in real-time, the dialogue transcript will be captioned. When the event concludes, you can make the file available to all the attendees to add value to the event or to charge fees to aid you in covering the overall cost of the event. In addition, if you’re planning to post the event on the Internet, you can use the transcript to produce closed captions for the video. It’s all up to you.

More visibility

Another advantage that comes with CART solutions is more visibility. In the United States alone, one person out of eight suffers from hearing loss. This means that you’ll miss out on the opportunity to tap into a large market if your events are not accessible. Conversely, making them more accessible to those who are deaf, have hearing difficulties, or are still learning English, you’ll make it more attractive and engaging.  

Attendees will appreciate it

Last but not least, attendees will appreciate the added accessibility of the event if you incorporate CART services into it. When all’s said and done, this gesture shows that you value everyone in the event equally. You also want them to have a good experience by giving those who may have conditions that limit their senses and comprehension ability the same respect as those who don’t by allowing them to understand the information you present.


With all its benefits to events, it is no surprise that more and more are using CART services. However, if you plan on doing the same, make sure that you choose the right service provider for the job. Research on the company and read reviews before committing. In this way, you’ll be sure to get one that will meet all your expectations.


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