How To Boost Your Productivity with Multiple Monitors

Having awesome equipment won’t get you very far if you don’t optimize it. There are various studies these days that show you can improve your productivity by 30% to 50%. The question is how do you get to the 50% mark? Naturally, you have to first get the right 6 monitor setup that’s as fast and reliable as you need. View more to find out how the best computer options in the industry can help you. Why not even send your name, email address to get updates?

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Boost your Productivity with your 6 Monitor Setup

Of course, you can choose to start with two or three monitors before you jump into getting 6 monitors. Many people prefer to do that so that they can get used to their multi-monitor setup. They also become more knowledgeable about the equipment and how to maximize their budget before they expand to a multiple monitor setup.

Regardless of how many display monitors you have and whether you run Windows 10 or Mac, here are some ways to optimize multi-monitor setups:

  • Design your workflow
  • Manage distractions
  • Cut and paste more effectively
  • Organized communications
  • Better comparisons
  • Faster video and photo editing
  • Physical wellbeing

Design your workflow

Depending on what you use your monitor setup for, you’ll know how many documents, charts, images, and programs you need at any one time. Perhaps you use some more than others during the day?

Either way, find the best way to lay them out across your multiple monitors so that you can flow from one to the other. You might also want to consider which windows you need next to each other. This is where the size of your monitor screen can make a difference because you can either fit 4 or perhaps even 6 windows per screen.

Although, the resolution also comes into it. The norm is 1080 pixels with a 23 or 24-inch screen that gives you HD resolution. You might prefer to go for the higher specification and 1440 pixels on a 27-inch screen.

Manage distractions

The most important thing to remember when planning how to use your setup is that it can also be a huge distraction. Imagine having all your social media platforms and other team communication platforms open all the time and sending your constant notifications? You could end up chatting all day and achieving nothing with your multi-monitor setup.

One of the most effective approaches to manage your multiple monitor setup is to turn off your notifications. You then plan appropriate time periods to check all your communication platforms. Sometimes half an hour in the morning, at lunchtime, and again before you clock off is a good approach. Everyone has to find their way to avoid getting lost in distractions.

Cut and paste more effectively

It’s much easier to cut and paste because you can lay out all your documents side by side with your 6 monitor setup. Remember it’s straightforward to drag from one screen to another. You’re essentially working on one large digital desk system.

Organized communications

Conducting video conference calls is a much more immersive experience with your monitor setup. You can actually see people properly due to the bigger screens. Another great advantage is that all your supporting documents and tools are nicely laid out next to your video call. No more tabbing through multiple windows with a 6 monitor setup.

Better comparisons

With it, you can lay out whatever you’re reviewing. For example, you can compare products for your online shopping or documents such as resumes. This makes your overall experience more efficient thanks to your multi-monitor setup.

Faster video and photo editing

You’ll appreciate your monitor setup if you’ve ever done any video editing on a laptop screen. Sometimes you have to scroll through the various video bins and audio files you’re editing. This makes it hard to follow the sequence. Instead, with a multi-monitor setup, you can view everything as you work.

All this is possible because of your integrated graphics card. This hardware, known as a video card, updates all your images and graphs quickly and accurately. That’s why graphics cards are also important to gamers. The top brands to look out for are Radeon and NVIDIA. Then again, you still need a good processor, usually Intel or AMD, with at least 3.5GHZ or 4GHz of processing power.

Physical well-being

Spending hours in front of any multi-monitor setup can strain both your eyes and your body. That’s why it’s important to choose monitors that have a low blue light output as well as flicker-free technology.

These days, you can buy an ergonomic chair for a very reasonable amount. You can then make sure that your monitor screens are adjusted properly with your adjustable mounts. It’s worth noting that you should check your cable management such that your power supply unit isn’t too far from your computer ports. No one likes tripping on wires, least of all, pulling equipment onto the floor as you trip. As a side note, most cables come as one of HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB, or DisplayPort.

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Key Takeaways for Boosting your Productivity with a 6 Monitor Setup

The main point to note to maximize your 6 monitor setup is to find your ideal workflow. This means arranging your documents and programs in the right order across your screens. Then, your main challenge is to find the right technique to minimize your distractions. Get that working, along with your ergonomic seating arrangement, and you’ll be off to a great start to reach that 50% productivity boost.


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