8 Must-Have Cable Installation Tools

There are certain types of tools you need for different jobs and projects. In this article, we will talk about the most important tools you should own if you are working on cable installation, and want to complete your job both efficiently and effectively. Here is the list of must-have installation tools:

Zip Ties Or Cable Ties

One of the first tools you need for cable and wire management is zip ties or cable ties. Cable ties are an important component of cable management and an essential electrical wiring accessory. They are available in a variety of beautiful colors and shapes and can be found in most hardware stores. 

Cable Installation

Punchdown Tool

This tool is also known as a krone tool, and is used to insert wires into patch panels, sockets, and outlets. The punchdown tool is a must-have tool for any data communications and telecom installer. It is one of the basic tools that consists of a mechanism with a spring, handle, and a removable slotted blade.

Cable Raceways

A cable raceway is another useful tool that uses a hinged conduit system comprised of PVC material that hides and protects a cable. The purpose of the tool is to assist you in the setup of cables and quick installation. Usually, it is used on surfaces where drilling is not allowed. 

Wire Stripper

This hand tool is used for removing the protective covering (known as the “jacket”) from an Ethernet cable. There is a wide choice of wide strippers depending on the shape and size of the cables. Fortunately, one wire stripper usually has different size blades, which allows you to use it with various size cables. Wire strippers are also very easy to use and they do not require any special skills. 

Wire Cutters

A wire cutter is a straightforward tool that is used for cutting through a cable and its wires. Usually, it is used for cutting steel, copper, aluminum, brass, and iron wire. You should be careful when choosing this tool because high-quality wire cutters are supposed to have an insulated cable that prevents you from receiving a shock from the wires you are cutting.

There are a few types of wire cutters available on the market: 

  • Diagonal wire cutters. They have diagonal-shaped edges and are usually used by electricians and carpenters.  
  • Needle nose wire cutters. They have thin and narrow sharp-edged cutters and are mostly used by carpenters to cut fine wires. 
  • Round nose wire cutters. This type of wire cutters is usually used for cutting and bending thin strips of metal and wires. 
  • Locking wire cutters. These cutters have a unique feature that acts as a lock and can be tightened or loosened as per requirement. 
  • Linemen’s wire cutters. It is the most popular and commonly used type of wire cutters. They are also called combination wire cutters. 

Crimp Tool

It is a tool that is used to make a connection between two items (usually a white and a connector) by using compression to form a connecting bond. The result of this connecting process is called a crimp. A good example would be the process of fixing an RJ45 connector to the end of the Ethernet cable. With the help of the crimp tool, the connector is secured to the cable. Otherwise, it will simply fall off. 

Screwdriver Set

A high-quality screwdriver set is another essential tool needed for any type of cable installation project. Even though there are many screwdrivers available on the market today, it may be a good idea to have a special set of screwdrivers used for cable installation work only and kept in a convenient carry case. Having a good set of screwdrivers is very important for different types of network installations. Make sure that your set includes quality screwdrivers of different sizes and shapes, so that they can cater for the majority of your needs. 

Cable Tester

A cable tester is a hand held electronic device that is used to test the connectivity and strength of a particular type of cable or other wired assemblies. There are many types of cable testers to choose from, and each of them is able to test a different type of cable. The main purpose of using a cable tester is to check if a cable is set up and connected correctly. Moreover, a cable tester also allows you to understand the strength of the cable across the entire length. Usually, cable testers are used to test Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 Ethernet cables. Having a cable in your toolbox is important because it will help you to verify the reliability of the cable and connections. 

Thus, if you are planning a cable installation project, it is recommended to have all of the tools listed in this article. If you are not going to use all of them, it is worth having them. 

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