7 Ways to Protect Ecommerce Customer Data

Ecommerce has transformed the traditional ways of shopping, serving us the desired comfort that we have always needed. With a series of benefits that it has to offer, there is always a need to measure the cons. One of the recurrently faced problems in the eCommerce business is related to cybersecurity.

In the past year, massive amounts of data have been lost in the hands of cyber criminals by both small and big companies. Thus, data security is an issue that most businesses are facing throughout the globe. 

customer data

As the world is making a move towards e-commerce due to its associated benefits, it is the need of the hour to pay attention to valuable customer data. As the data that gets into the hands of cyber attackers results in financial losses and reputation loss, it is required to keep the security uptight to prevent any breach. 

Today, consumers are aware of cybersecurity and prefer to operate only in a safe and secure environment. As the users share a variety of sensitive information with the eCommerce platform, it must be well kept and protected to avoid misuse.

Considering the importance of cybersecurity, it is required to keep a few tricks and tips in your mind. 

Here, we have prepared a guide to take you through the same. Let’s dive in and understand thoroughly the emerging need for cybersecurity to secure the data of users.

Make the switch to HTTPS

The HTTPS secured sites are widely reliable when it comes to securing the user data, and thus it is required to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. 

You need to buy an SSL Certificate, which is helpful in providing the much-needed security cover to your eCommerce site. SSL ensures secure communication between web server and client browser by encrypting the data in transit. 

There are many brands certificate available in the market like Comodo, RapidSSL Certificate, GeoTrust, DigiCert, and more. 

Choose the right e-commerce Platform

It is essential to select an eCommerce platform that aligns with the security goals. There are some eCommerce platforms with little or no reliability when it comes to user security. It is important to carefully select the main platform that you are going to make use of. Ensure that their policy is security-centric and does not contain terms and conditions that make users hesitate in its usage. 

The inbuilt programmed security of the main platform used by most of the eCommerce owners to trade should be full of strong measures, all in favor of user comfort. Such inbuilt measures and policies make your load a lot lighter by ensuring security on your behalf. 

In this case, you can solely focus on making progress in your field and serve the users using your best effort.

Keep your security plugins armed and updated

Plugins are a total boon to the eCommerce site owners and are used by big and small businesses to bloom in the market. If employed effectively and thoughtfully, these plugins can present commendable results providing a blanket of security to your e-commerce site. 

Amidst numerous plugins available in the market, you can choose the one for you based on your need as it is going to keep an eye on the reach of your content and give you an idea of the nature of activities so processed. 

There are wide varieties of plugins available in the market, and you can check the suitable ones for you even after taking help from the concerned professionals from the same field.

Keep your admin panel airtight

Another route to enter your system and make any form of disruption is the admin panel; make sure you are making proper arrangements to keep it secure in case of an attack. 

Since the admin panel is amongst the supreme components that need immediate attention when it comes to security, the minute requires paying attention to it. 

Amidst several entry points, it is necessary to pay a separate set of efforts for the admin panel. In this regard, one can even employ a team of professionals to oversee the security aspect totally for them.

Help customers to protect themselves

All the efforts made by you as an owner are certainly going to give you an edge when securing the different aspects of security. Still, the worth can only be accentuated if the consumers themselves are aware of the security management. 

In this way, educating and making them aware of keeping themselves secure in the digital world is of utmost importance. You can make them aware using innovative ways or by sending regular updates of small tips and tricks to keep themselves secure.

Always keep your data back up

As we notice a sharp inclination in cyber crime worldwide, there is an increasing concern in the market about keeping the data secure.

 It is a part of human nature to employ and ensure all the possible preventive measures, and still, they complain that they slip up in the trap of cyber scammers. Therefore, apart from taking all the high-end measures, a capable and updated data backup will back you like no other in case of a security breach. 

An updated data backup will help you start things all over again in case of a severe attack and provide you with a sense of relief. It is, therefore, useful to secure data with the help of a strong backup by your side.

Do not store the credit card numbers

Credit card numbers’ importance to e-commerce business is high as the enterprise relies mostly on them for fiscal matters. But it should not be among the policy of the company to store that information. This is because the credit card information is among the top priority of scammers to steal in case of a breach. 

If you are accumulating the users’ credit card information, it is upon you to invest your efforts and resources to secure that up to its best. 

Scammers worldwide attack credit card information in the first place, which leads to a persistent threat to your business every day. 

Sensitive information also includes emails, phone numbers, and passwords, which are crucial to safety as well. Therefore, it is recommended not to store up the users’ sensitive information and not to pile up the data to be protected. It takes more workforce and money to protect such data. 

Thus, you should not store such sensitive information in online mode.

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In these technological advancement times, it is cardinal to all businesses that user security should be their top priority. As the users today opt for the platforms with a secure system and authentic approach, you should go by the thumb rule of ‘security first’. 

As we progress technology-wise, exploring new blessings of technology to us each day, it is important not to forget the cons that persist in the cyber environment. The cyber-attacks have shaken the system of even the most developed companies, denoting the importance of cybersecurity for all

Serious security steps must be taken by all the eCommerce platforms irrespective of their size, not just to make the user feel comfortable but also to reduce the frequency of such attacks resulting in massive losses.

 The above-mentioned talks about the importance of SSL certificates, avoiding piling up credit card information and creating backup to ensure data security at maximum. 

As consumer data is supreme for the companies operating in the online zone, it is also important to deliver the same. Therefore, an amalgamation of technology and intellect can beat up such attacks and reduce their frequency, resulting in the overall growth and progress of the eCommerce business.


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