5 Ways to Make Your College Essay Easier to Write

An essay is a regular academic assignment that all students get frequently enough. Professors like using this evaluation format because of its universality, flexibility, and spectacular nature. However, students usually have a completely different opinion.

It’s a fact that many students at high schools, colleges, and universities hate writing essays and all other academic papers on their own. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many clients interested in term paper examples about physical abuse, for instance. Still, if you know the five following ways to simplify your essay writing process, crafting any academic paper, including student papers about air force, politics, diversity, and anything, will be much more pleasant. And you can improve your grades that way, too!


So, how do you write college essays easier? Let’s check out five simple but effective ways.

Know Your Topic

The situation here can be different, though. Some professors prefer assigning topics for students on their own. Others are more liberal. Such professors allow students to choose whatever they like as their topical subject for an academic essay independently. Both ways have their pros and cons. But, if you want to write a top-grade essay easier, there is one thing you need to do in any case.

You need to know the topic of your future essay before you start considering ideas and concepts to use for writing it. It is better if you like it, of course, but becoming at least an entry-level expert in the subject will make the process of essay writing much smoother and simpler for you. So, take your time and conduct a necessary study on the chosen topic before starting to write an essay.

Develop an Outline

Another key feature boosting your essay writing performance is an outline. Mostly, students prefer to ignore it and try to write final drafts of their essays at once, without preparation. They think they’ll save time like that.

In fact, things are different. When trying to craft an essay without an outline, you risk losing the point, missing a logical connection between paragraphs, and failing an attempt to prove your concept. As a result, your essay will bring you a grade much worse than it could if there was an outline.

An outline is like a map for an essay. When crafted thoroughly, an outline can serve as a skeleton to grow muscles on. By devoting enough time to come up with a suitable, well-processed outline, you can save much time and effort on composing the final essay draft.

Have a Comfortable Workplace

Do you know that writing an essay while lying in your bed with a laptop on your stomach is not the best choice? Well, you are probably aware of that fact, but you still don’t want to make your workspace more comfortable. Still, if there is a goal to make your essay writing easier, your place is what should be equipped and positioned excellently.

Get rid of any discomfort you start feeling when you try to begin another academic paper. Clean some space on your table and nearby, position your chair well (or get a new item in case the one you’ve got irritates you), optimize your laptop or desktop PC performance (if your equipment lags frequently, your study won’t be productive), etc. Do whatever you need to provide yourself with maximum comfort and involvement in studying and work.

Use Suitable Text Editing Software

Microsoft Word is considered the top-1 solution among writers and students. It is free to download from the official site for educational purposes, and the set of functions it offers is more than enough to craft and format excellent essays.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to like Word only because the majority of people prefer it. There are alternatives, such as Google Docs, Open Office, Libre Office, and so on. Pick your app, adjust its interface to your needs, and do whatever you can to make it as comfortable and pleasant for you to use as possible.

Use Grammarly

Yes, MS Word and Google Docs have their built-in grammar, spelling, and orthography checkers. Yes, they are effective enough if you need to edit and proofread some texts quickly and lightly. But they don’t always cover the needs of students preparing academic papers.

Grammarly is different, though. It provides a lot more in-depth check and allows proofreading your essays much more effectively and thoroughly compared to regular instruments. You don’t want to let some silly spelling mistake spoil your excellent grade, do you?


Making your college essay writing process smoother and easier is nothing challenging. All you need to do is to study the topic and organize your work through developing an outline, equipping your workplace comfortably, and using the right tools like MS Word and Grammarly.

Excellent grades are closer than you think! 


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