123movies Shut Down Because Of Criminal Investigation

One of the giants among movies piracy websites “123movies” has announced that they are shutting down their infamous website for good. 123movies provided pirated content including movies and TV shows to download or stream online. It is said that 123movies shut down came after some criminal investigation done by authorities.

123movies announced the shutdown on their website stating “We’ve been providing links to HD movies download and shows for years. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you for being our friends and thanks for staying with us that long”. They also added that we should pay for movies and shows in order to respect and support the people working so hard for creating the content.

From The Authorities

This termination announcement came after the authorities at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) did an investigation and called the infamous website as the world’s most popular illegal movie website. The shut down came out of nowhere and shocked a lot of users at that time. But, recently MPAA has shared a list of “illegal markets operating online” with the US Government. The list mentioned 123movies as a link to a criminal investigation.

In 2018 a bunch of websites supporting piracy have been shut down. These websites were 123movies, 123movieshub, gostream and gomovies. MPAA said that they discovered, after a criminal investigation based in Vietnam, 123movies was engaged in some sort of unlawful practice. TorrentFreak, a very well renown channel for copyright and piracy news, contacted the MPAA enquiring that whether there has been any arrest or charges in the matter. MPAA still has to respond to that.

It is clear with the involvement of MPAA that 123movies shut themselves because of the increasing pressure from the movie industry. This is one of the biggest achievements against piracy in 2018, but still, the problem doesn’t end here. After it’s shut down numerous facsimile of 123movies started to appear. MPAA responded to this saying that they knew something like this might happen and they are prepared to tackle the situation head-on.


It is highly unlikely that we will see the resurrection of 123movies. This time they are shut down for good but still, there are websites out there which are encouraging piracy. This all is completely illegal and people involved in supporting these websites are also against the law. So, please don’t support piracy. Pay for the content you enjoy because someone is making their living out of it. Show your support and bring down piracy.

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