10 Benefits of using Digital Signage in Cinema, the entertainment industry

Bored with the traditional method of advertising?

Video wall brings you the most dynamic, cost-effective, and engaging medium of advertising. Earlier, businesses used flyers, brochures, billboards, banners, and stickers to advertise and reach their target audience. Today, in the digital age, consumers prefer the companies that have adopted modern techniques in their businesses. New-age consumers are glued to vibrant screens, so capturing their attention through a digital platform is easy. They no longer pay much attention to static signs, and often the information put up on the banner or flyer goes unnoticed. Hence, the purpose of advertising is not fulfilled; the marketing budget spent gets wasted. So, it is essential to change with time and implement new marketing techniques to reach the target audience.

digital signage

Let’s talk about the entertainment industry- how they can evolve and ways to adopt new advertising techniques. Cinema is the most accessible and most popular form of entertainment that many people use across the globe. Gone are the days when theatres used posters or banners of upcoming movies. New age advertising has introduced various fascinating and dynamic products, one of which is digital signage.

Digital signage is cost-effective, hassle-free, delivers content in real-time, and can broadcast personalized messages.

Following are the 10 benefits of digital signage in show biz-

  1. Latest Film Promotion:

Moviegoers spend a lot of time waiting in the theatre for the movie to start or grab snacks. This time can be utilized to promote upcoming movie trailers on digital signage.

  1. Enhance moviegoers experience:

In the age of OTT, movies can be watched in the comfort of your house. But some people enjoy the ambience at the theatre, which their sofa or their cosy bed cannot replace. Movie halls create magic, and the use of digital signage makes the environment more interactive & magical.

  1. Increase Concession Sales:

Customers are in a purchasing state of mind while they are at the concession stand. These stands are the profit-making tool of theatres. Therefore, they can be utilized well with digital menus. Digital menus can display different items at different times of the day. Various offers and combos can be displayed to attract the audience to buy more.

  1. Generate Extra Revenue:

Digital signage generates the opportunity for extra revenue for cinema halls. Advertisers can tie up with the cinema hall and reach their target audience through this medium. Every movie has a different set of audiences, which helps the advertiser decide where to play his ad for optimum benefit. 

  1. Display Traffic Information:

Theater managers can broadcast traffic updates for the audience’s convenience so that after the movie, they quickly reach their destination.

  1. Eco-friendly:

Eliminating the use of posters, banners and flyers have made the digital option available for advertising. Thus, there is less or no use of paper for promotions.

  1. Increase Employee Communication:

Digital signage in cinema halls can be used for smooth & effective internal communication.  Various information like HR practices, industry updates, competitor activities, company updates, etc. can be displayed to keep the employees well informed about the industry.

  1. Measure Performance:

Digital signage can be used in cinema to measure performance. Raw data from the current sales report can be converted into charts or graphs for easy and quick understanding. These graphs can also display target and actual sales. Therefore, at just one glance, employees will know the areas they need to improve on.

  1. Engage Customers With Social Media:

Cinema halls can have a social media digital wall that can be used to create buzz around events and movies.  Live feeds excite the audience and will encourage them to add their tweets, posts, etc. These audiences are more valuable to the brand than a typical audience.

  1. Show Value-added Advertisements:

Digital signage provides more digital infrastructure to businesses. It can show multiple contents at the same time. Theater managers have developed expertise in broadcasting relevant content like weather updates, upcoming movie trailers, news headlines, and special offers from the concession stand. Providing such useful information creates interest in the digital screens and adds value to the advertisements.


Digital signage can deliver dynamic, colorful, and cost-effective content at multiple locations. The content can be changed in real-time and can broadcast personalized messages. It is easy to encourage the audience to take specific actions, like making a purchase, following a social media page, or placing an order through digital signage.

Cube Video Wall provides digital signage at cinema halls and gives endless value-added advantages. Moreover, digital signs attract 400% more views than static signs. This gives higher profits and better ROI over traditional marketing. Hence, with digital signage, cinema can go above and beyond the status quo.


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