txtSpinner.com vs. WordAi.com: Some Things to Know

Duplicate content is one of the common problems encountered by website owners or businesses online, requiring immediate action. 

When left unnoticed and unattended for quite some time, it can affect a site’s good ranking on popular search engines like Google. 

For those who do not know yet, Google filters identical content, which could mean a loss of ranking for many web pages. 

Duplicate content specifically confuses the search engine to pick which of the pages it should rank. What’s terrible is that the original page might not be included in the top results. That might be unfair, right? 

But there is a way to protect your ranking on Google, create significant traffic, and acquire a new pool of potential customers within a long time. Here comes article spinning! As the name suggests, it is the process of creating new copies from your original content to prevent any duplicate content issues.

Here is the thing. Spinning takes extra time and effort, which can put your business at a disadvantage at the end of the day. As a business owner, that’s something you cannot afford to suffer. There is nothing to worry about, as there are spinning tools you can use. 


But with the wide variety of options, which should you select? Your long search and wait have finally ended as there are two famous names to take advantage of, namely txtSpinner and WordAi. Which is better? Which would meet and exceed your specific requirements? Keep reading for more! 

At a Glance

The content development team in every company has various responsibilities to deal with, and spinning content can affect their productivity, quality of work, concentration, and engagement at the same time. 

This is where txtSpinner and WordAi can come to your rescue. Both are spinning tools designed to help you rewrite the content as quickly as possible. That’s why your team can focus on other important projects they have at hand, leading to efficiency and smooth transaction as well.

The quality of every article has also been the ultimate priority of txtSpinner and WordAi. A lot of website owners believe that their job ends when they have already rewritten their content. It is not as simple as that. Your web page should also be readable, and this is what txtSpinner and WordAi excel at the most. 

They do not just help you spin every content, but with high readability and quality to ensure good web traffic, top search engine ranking result, and revenues over time. 

txtSpinner Features 

There are several spinning platforms to choose from, but txtSpinner creates its own name in the industry. It is easy to use, and there is no extensive knowledge required. All you have to do is copy the content to the editor, spin the content, and generate a unique article instantly. That’s it. 

If you are new to article spinning, you’re probably afraid to use txtSpinner. But you don’t have to feel that way, as the tool is easy to navigate and beginner-friendly. Here are the other features txtSpinner provides: 

Available with a Spin Editor

Before, spinning articles was tricky and complicated. Things changed today. Using a platform like txtSpinner makes the entire process comfortable and easy, as it is equipped with a cutting-edge and efficient spin editor to guarantee user satisfaction and happiness. This can speed up your manual spinning without too many hassles. There is also no need to set the rewriter as it is automatic. 

A Vast, Growing Thesaurus 

It is normal to run out of words when rewriting your web page. But that could affect your time, which you could not afford as a business owner. Say bye to that inconvenience with txtSpinner. It has a huge and growing thesaurus that will provide you with multiple synonyms to choose from, making your life more straightforward than ever. 

Adding Videos and Images to Articles Won’t be a Problem 

It’s every business goal to provide grammatically correct, consistent, and informative content. That’s not enough, though. It is important to add images and videos to your web page to stand out from the rest. That will not be a problem with txtSpinner, as you can incorporate other visuals into your article within a few minutes or less because it uses Pexels and YouTube API. Studies also show that content with relevant images gets 94% of more views than the competitions that do not have. 

WordApi Features

WordsApi has been one of the most talked-about spinning tools for years for a reason. Like txtSpinner, it is automatic when writing content, which supports many languages, including French, English, and Italian. 

Before spinning, it checks the entire content to understand its message. Then, it creates document-level spins and advanced paragraph that also makes sense. 

Can Enrich Text

Many people think that WordAi can only spin articles. But it goes beyond that. It can determine and add Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords to increase search engine ranking, available at a competitive and fair price. 

Designed to Fix Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

It is difficult to check spelling and grammar mistakes in content, especially the long ones. But that will not be a headache with WordAi. It automatically fixes any issues within the article, avoiding other unnecessary efforts. This also allows you to concentrate on other crucial business aspects. 

Split Sentences 

You search online for some marketing tips. Then, you find a bunch of good sources. You open at least two articles. The first web page has long sentences. The second one is clear and short. Which should you choose between them? Admit it or not, you would prefer the second web page. Now that you are opening a website, it is necessary to keep your content short as not all your target market has time to read your information. Let WordAi help you.  

So, which is better between txtSpinner and WordAi? Both have their own functionalities. It is wise to distinguish your specific article spinning needs before anything else. It is also helpful to ask your colleagues or support network for some referrals. 



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