What Tech Skills to Learn in 2020 and Why

There are a lot of areas that have been experiencing increased growth rates in the past several years. These areas point developers at the skills they need to learn to keep up with the latest tech trends and the employment market. For those who wish to be in demand in 2020, it is important to choose the tech skills that are needed for cybersecurity, mobile development, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and python-operated projects. Having these tech skills will provide you with excellent job opportunities, flexibility, and innovative knowledge that transforms the core of human existence.

Tech Skills


With cybersecurity being one of the biggest challenges for most companies in the world, learning the tech skills that will enable you to get a job in this field is a very reasonable decision. Having some specific security knowledge is very valuable for cybersecurity projects, as data safety is one of the main priorities at every company. Companies are ready to make heavy investments into cybersecurity to protect their survival. Between 2018 and 2020 alone, there was an expected 9.4% increase in cybersecurity spendings. Having the sought-after tech skills will secure you with excellent job options and a steady income in the future. Here are some of the skills to focus on:

  • Detection of intrusions
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk mitigation
  • Security analysis
  • Being able to think like a black hat
  • Security response

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Mobile Development

The increasing use of mobiles not only for communication, but also for shopping, gaming, and other purposes, has provoked a hike in need for high-quality mobile development skills. There are more than 4 billion unique mobile users in the world, which means that half of the global population is in need of mobile software and applications. The numbers are growing and starting Hunger Games in the world of mobile development.

Mobile Development

These days it is best to opt for Android, and iOS mobile development as those are the two most popular mobile operating systems so far. As a future mobile developer, you can expect to get multiple learning opportunities, communication with like-minded people who are also fascinated by the world of technology, a decent job in any country of the world, and an above-average salary.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

It has been quite a while since the time artificial intelligence was introduced to the world for the first time. However, it hasn’t stopped evolving, and every year it reaches a new milestone that can transform life on Earth. It promises to alter the way people interact with the world of digital technology, and there has already been enough evidence to believe it.

Should you choose to develop the tech skills that drive this area, you can be the first to see revolutionary discoveries in the world of science and technology. What’s even more, you will get to be a part of that revolution, walking side by side with the people who change the world. However, the world of artificial intelligence is quite demanding, and you will be expected to constantly improve your skills. If you need to have more free time to work on your AI skills but need someone to take care of your college studies, hire a reliable Essay Service to do the job for you.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the most promising areas of technology. In the last year alone, the demand for skilled VR developers saw an increase of 37%. As a VR developer who knows how to design, use 3D modeling software, graphics programming, and various programming languages, you will have vast opportunities for growth and self-development. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is already transforming many aspects of human life. For example, the use of VR in education gives students a newfound interest in sciences. They get to experience their field of study in 3D. This technology promises to offer medical students an opportunity to conduct virtual surgeries without having to deal with a real person, which will give them life-saving practical skills. As someone with VR development skills, you will get the chance to drive the development and positive transformations in many other industries too.


Python is not just a programming language, but also one of the most wanted tech skills in 2020 and the years to come. It is already actively being used in data analysis, infrastructure management, and software development. It gives developers a chance to work on trending projects that deal with mobile and AI development. Along with knowledge of python, you should also develop your analytical skills and learn how to work with web frameworks. Having the tech skills of a python developer will secure you a place in some of the most exciting tech projects in the world.



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