What language is used for Android app development?

There are many languages ​​with which you can create a quality application. Some languages ​​have a built-in development environment, which greatly simplifies the process of creating an application. Others need additional tools, but their functionality is no less wide. Let’s take a look at what tools the Android application development company can use.

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Java is one of the oldest and most proven methods of building a quality application. It is a popular programming language, which in 2019 entered the TOP 5 of the best and most functional languages. However, at the same time, it is quite complicated and definitely not suitable for beginners. It is difficult to understand it, since it works like object-oriented programming. This means that it works with classes, exceptions, constructors, for which you need to carefully monitor and think over the logic.

The main advantage of Java is its own development environment called Android Studio. In 2014, it was recognized by Google as the official Android programming environment, which made life much easier for developers. The application development process is simplified by a visual UI editor, auto code completion and other features.

In terms of functionality, Java is one of the most powerful languages ​​out there. It allows you to implement the most complex tasks and projects, which is why it is so popular. It uses not only Java classes, but also XML files. If you follow the standards for coding, it is readable.


Kotlin is a relatively new language, having emerged in 2017. Despite this, he was able to win the hearts of many programmers, and in 2019, it was recognized as Google’s best programming language for Android, pushing Java to the second spot. The best qualities of other languages have been incorporated into Kotlin. The program has many advantages, including automatic data type detection and extension functions. It is easy to understand, master, and everyone can use it. Java’s API is built into Kotlin, so converting from Java to Kotlin is a straightforward process. The language is easy to learn, it can be readily integrated with a wide range of frameworks, and its code is open. Easy-to-understand syntax improves productivity when building applications and makes it easy to follow the sequence. Brevity, easy readability and conciseness are the main qualities of Kotlin. But it also has disadvantages. The compilation speed of the code is unstable; it can be both fast and with significant delays. The language is new, so there is not much teaching material, the community has not yet been developed thoroughly, therefore, in the course of difficulties or questions, developers often have to look for solutions on their own. And yet, Kotlin is rightfully considered one of the best in Android programming.

C / C ++

С / С ++ is one of the oldest languages, it is used to create native applications with powerful loaded functionality. These can be games or technically complex applications. Often not only C / C ++ is used. Only certain parts or modules are written on it, which perform complex operations and tasks.

If you are wondering what language applications for Android are written in, then it is difficult to say that C / C ++ is directly related to this. But without his knowledge, it will be difficult to implement powerful functions. Its main advantage lies in running code, which is not produced through the Java Virtual Machine, but directly through the device. Thus, the system elements of the device are easier to handle.

C / C ++ is a versatile language capable of supporting a variety of programming styles. It gives a great deal of freedom to the developer without placing any burden on the program. Suitable for working in any programming environment. This is one of the basic languages, with the help of which not only programming on the android is carried out, but also on any other systems.


Python is initially perceived in such a way that programming for android on it is impossible. It is believed that it is impossible to develop native applications on it, but fans of this language have created powerful tools that help develop applications and compile code. To aid in developing native interfaces, many libraries have been developed. It remains a popular mobile development language, despite the fact that Python is far from the most convenient of languages. All of these languages ​​provide good opportunities for programmers. But if you are interested in iOS app development services, then be aware that this requires other programming languages, libraries and tools.


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