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Watch cartoon online is an effective mode of gaining fun and enjoyment, whether you are a child or an adult. Age doesn’t matter when all you want is to sit back and relish your leisure time to watch cartoon online. Although most cartoons that we had watched before are not available now, either due to copyright issues or loss of interest, the vast internet’s archive has constantly maintained a database of cartoons since it began.

Finding and choosing cartoons to watch online can help you access this vast database of incredible joy, either through your phone or laptop, whichever is preferable. One of the preferred ways of finding cartoons to watch online is a website known as WatchCartoonOnline. We can watch an unlimited amount of cartoons for as long as we want, and there is no form of payment or account making needed. Searching for anime and cartoons and revisiting your childhood memories are a piece of cake when it comes to WatchCartoonOnline.

Other websites to watch cartoon online have failed to maintain their quality and standards over time, but not for Thewatchcartoononline website. This article will cover how to navigate the whole website, finding your favorite cartoons, and exploring available genres of series. We will end with some alternative sites to Thewatchcartoononline and provide a few FAQs for your quick reference.

Welcome to WatchCartoonOnline:

WatchCartoonOnline is a well-known website that values its users and provides them with the choice of watching any cartoon, new or old. The presence of a diverse variety of anime and cartoons from all around the world contributes to its massive database. The website streams high-resolution movies and images, thus enhancing the overall experience of watching cartoon online. Thewatchcartoononline is a homely go-to space for every cartoon and anime enthusiast. You can watch crispy and amazing quality anime and cartoons through a web browser, accessible via a phone or a laptop.

The streaming portal of WatchCartoonOnline provides blazing fast servers with almost minimum buffering, given that you remain connected to stable, reliable internet. Its libraries of anime and cartoons in many languages are one of the main reasons for its appeal. It is the most popular website for watching anime in high definition online. The second feature that distinguishes it is the user-friendly interface it offers. The WatchCartoonOnline app has millions of users, which helps it build its brand in the market.

You don’t have to register to view cartoons and anime online on the Watchcartoononline official website. The cartoon or anime name may be searched and you can enjoy the pleasure at your leisure. However, we suggest you register on the website. The registration process enables you to store your favorite cartoons and animes or to list the categories and share them with your family and friends. In addition, you will get additional expanded capabilities if you register on the Thewatchcartoononline website. You can, for example, offer comments on various videos and provide feedback. You may also acquire the genres or browse the site to continue with your favorite animes and cartoons.

How to watch cartoons online through

There is a difference between knowing about the website and navigating through it. In this tutorial section, we will demonstrate steps on how to search for your preferred cartoon or anime on WatchCartoonOnline.

  • From your favored device for browsing online, open your browser(preferably Chrome or Firefox), and go to this address:
  • After the page loads, you will see a screen similar to the one below. The introduction page contains popular and most viewed anime, newly released cartoons, and a list of about 50+ unique genres in the anime world. You can either browse anime under these genres by tapping them or search for them in the top-right corner of the webpage.

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline


  • Type the anime or cartoon that interests you in the “What are you looking for?” text box. Tap on Search to proceed to search for that anime. Provide the exact name for the anime to ease the search time.
  • Click on the anime that pops up after the search and matches your memory of the anime.

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline

  • Select the episode you want to watch from the list of episodes given below the introduction of the cartoon.

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline

  • Start watching the episode or movie by tapping the play button in the middle.

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline

  • You can control the video using the play/pause, fast forward, volume, and seek button. The video player allows you to increase/decrease the quality using the Quality button. If your video is buffering due to slow internet speed or a busy server, tap the notification above for slow video. You will redirect to another website to watch the video with a better and efficient server.

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline

  • After completing the episodes, you can either go to the next video or rewatch the previous episode using the controls below the video player.

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline

  • Lastly, you can download the episode if you have a video sniffer (We use IDM in the screenshot to download the episode) installed in the browser or system and watch cartoon offline for free.

Categories and Genres of Cartoons to watch online:

WatchCartoonOnline stores an enormous library of anime on its server, and it might become tiresome for some of its users to search for a particular one. The division of this library into different categories makes the burden of separating and enjoying anime easy. WatchCartoonOnline offers these five basic categories of cartoons on its website:

  1. Movies: These cartoon movies can be enjoyed by you on a single go and lasts from 1.5 to 3 hours. Some popular anime movies are A Whisker Away, My Heroes Academia: Heroes Rising, I want to eat your pancreas.
  2. Dubbed Anime: These anime have English or Hindi voiceovers, which replace the original Japanese voices, but it is not a choice for real anime enthusiasts.
  3. Subbed Anime: The videos have inbuilt subtitles, which translate the Japanese voices into English words. They are the best kind of anime to enjoy and are preferred by most.
  4. Cartoons: Cartoons are originally voiced by English actors, so translating is not an issue per se. A lot of Marvel and DC cartoons have been included in this segment.
  5. OVA series: This section contains a collection of side stories to popular TV series and anime, such as Detective Conan, High School DxD, etc. It focuses on the development of side characters, and it is a fun way of deviating from the main series.

Apart from these categories, there exist much finer sections in WatchCartoonOnline called genres.

The online streaming website WatchCartoonOnline provides numerous genres on the platform. The genres enable the user to browse the anime or cartoon theme you want and to choose the one that interests you the most. Also, you may see animes and cartoons of the same genre on the screen when you select a particular genre. They contribute to your knowledge about the same genre of cartoons and animes which you may miss and which others regard most. We will list some of the well known and most viewed genres in Thewatchcartoononline:

1. Horror:

Horror animes and cartoons are a huge fan favorite and include themes of exorcism, demons, satanic cult practices, ghostbusting. If you love binging horror movies and enjoy jumpscares and mystery, this can be your favorite genre. Popular horror animes include Death Note, Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories, Blood-C, Requiem from the Darkness.

2. Adventure:

If you dig animes and cartoons that have good character development, include fighting and exploring scenes, and super background story, this genre is solely for you. Adventure series and movies have developmental stories as their backbone. Popular adventure animes include HunterxHunter, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball Super.

3. Family:

Watching cartoon online is not just for yourself, but also to be enjoyed with friends and family. So specifically for that WatchCartoonOnline includes the family animes or cartoons, showing family-friendly content and captivating easy-to-understand story. This genre might also include animes for kids. Examples of such anime are Pokemon, Sonic X, Speed Racer, etc.

4. Mystery:

Detective TV series is always a treat for your clue-looking and treasurer hunting challenges. Such nerve wreaking mystery-filled anime and cartoons can be watched on Thewatchcartoononline. Examples of fan-favorite anime of the mystery genre are Detective Conan, Steins Gate, Mushiu-Shi.

5. Thriller:

Expectation for a life filled with thrill and actions is not fulfilled properly during this pandemic. But you can always invoke some thrill into your daily life by watching cartoon online, especially anime and cartoons of the thriller genre on the WatchCartoonOnline website. You can enjoy this genre’s anime with your friends as well as your family. Some most watched anime of the thriller genre include Death Note, Mirai Nikki, Re: ZERO, Another.

TheWatchCartoonOnline includes about 50+ different genres to watch cartoon online, such as Music, Superhero fiction, Animation, High School, War, etc. All these genres are unique, and you can select any of them based on your taste for anime and cartoons. The library for each such anime and cartoon is huge, and there are some unique anime that you would not like to miss out on.

Advantages and Features of WatchCartoonOnline website:

WatchCartoonOnline offers its users many various elements to make their experience worth remembering. These elements entice viewers in a unique way that people like to return for more cartoons and animes to the website. These features boost the reachability of the website and help viewers to cling to WatchCartoonOnline in the future. The developers of the website work continuously to provide new content, update the database, perform regular maintenance jobs to help viewers watch cartoon online, by providing a seamless experience. Some of the major features provided by WatchCartoonOnline are listed as below:

1. High Streaming Quality: 

Watchcartoononline is the ideal site to meet your demands if you seek high-resolution cartoons and quality cartoons with which you don’t look beyond. Good sound and pictures make it a lot more enjoyable and engaging to watch anime and cartoons without these two qualities, and after a while, you may lose interest. Watchcartoononline maintains excellent image, video, and the sound quality so that you may enjoy viewing your preferred things. You may pick from many different quality videos.

For example, you may look at videos of 480p, 720p, 1080p, or HD high quality according to your basic requirements. High streaming quality requires a good internet connection and a stable speed, and only then you can enjoy WatchCartoonOnline to its full potential. You can change the video quality for poor internet speed or if you want to save your daily data. Streaming quality with no buffering is a rarity for WatchCartoonOnline, and on top of that, it is free of cost.

2. No Subscription and Fully Free of Cost: 

Popular cartoon and anime streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation require a regular payment to watch cartoon online. Most viewers cannot afford such ludicrous regular installment for services when free alternatives are already there. One of the highlights of WatchCartoonOnline is that it is free. To watch your favorite anime and cartoons online, you do not need to pay any subscription fees or other costs. It is the most recognized website for anime streaming because other sites charge a monthly or annual subscription cost, which can be considered its unique features. On one website, without wasting money, you may watch all entertaining cartoons online.

3. Fast Servers for Seamless streaming: 

When you want to watch a cartoon online, you search for an anime or cartoon on the address bar. The action sends a request to the server of the website, which helps in streaming the video. The video quality, as well as the number of users who can access the video, falls under the capability of the server. A well-maintained server with fast processing and storage engine harness the power of providing uninterrupted playback even if there are millions of users browsing that website.

Anything you view on the internet is only entertaining if it streams without a lot of buffering; otherwise, it might spoil your mood and interest in the video you’re watching. Watchcartoononline offers incredible connection, with lightning-fast streaming and download speeds. The web streaming portal contains a large number of servers that collect information about the Thewatchcartoononline website and assist to decrease buffering while streaming and downloading online. The user’s interest in the cartoon and anime is maintained by the website’s rapid pace, and the user chooses to return to the WatchCartoonOnline over and over.

4. Unlimited Streaming:

WachCartoonOnline is a unique portal that allows viewers to watch cartoons and animes indefinitely. Watchcartoononline, unlike other web portals such as Netflix, does not restrict users after a specific amount of time has passed. You may watch as many cartoons, anime, movies, and videos as you like. Furthermore, the platform is user-friendly, allowing users to successfully engage with enriching and entertaining cartoons and anime. The website has advertisements on the outside but the videos are not interrupted by ads in the middle like on youtube. This web streaming service constantly provides a seamless experience to its users and will continue to do so in the future.

5. Feedback Option:

WatchCartoonOnline appreciates input from its user. Users can report bugs and weaknesses in the website’s operation, and WatchCartoonOnline will do everything it can to fix the problems as quickly as possible. Users may also submit requests for movies, cartoons, and animes, and watch cartoon online will add the requested content to their official website and notify the users. This allows you to search for cartoons or anime that aren’t presently available on the site. You can also follow their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages from their main website, where they provide updates about content recently added, any change in the streaming service, or providing alternative mirror sites for The WatchCartoonOnline.

Best Websites like WatchCartoonOnline to watch cartoon online:

WatchCartoonOnline is indeed an ideal website to watch cartoons and anime for free, providing top-quality streaming service and has a base of above a million users. We have seen what makes TheWatchCartoonOnline so special in the previous section. But internet content regulators constantly maintain a crackdown on websites providing content for free. In this article, we have mentioned the Best alternatives to watch cartoon online for free other than WatchCartoonOnline, which will ensure your continuity of enjoyment despite blocking of pirated content.

The best similar websites are described below:

1. KissAnime:

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline

KissAnime is one of the best-known WatchCartoonOnline alternatives. It is much older and has an array of mirrors in case your IP blocks one of them. It also stores a vast database including animes from all around the world, both old and new. On this web portal, you may discover many genres collection. You can log in to the website and track what anime you already watched along with the episode number. KissAnime provides comic books and manga for free on KissManga, a website partnered with KissAnime. In addition, current optimization measures have been done to ensure that KissAnime offers an outstanding smartphone experience.

2. Animepahe:

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline

Animepahe is one of the modern free anime streaming websites focusing mostly on anime than cartoons. It features a sleek minimalistic UI, with easily navigable controls and search features. Although it lacks division by genres, the search can show a predictable result without requiring an actual search keyword. The internal video player of this website supports multiple sources, and the links are kept in updated condition to prevent the link’s expiry. You can watch cartoon online in Animepahe, provided you have an adblocker extension installed in your browser to prevent popups.

3. OtakuStream:

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline

If you love to watch Anime series, Films, and TV programs, OtaukuStrem is another awesome free website. The user interface and the UX of this website are thoughtfully intended to enable you quickly browse, navigate and discover comic material. You may also discover many genres on OtakuStream, much like watching Cartoon-line. The following are some of the popular genre collections:

  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Journey

4. GogoAnime:

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline

GogoAnime goes hand in hand with KissAnime in terms of quality and favorability. Specifically, Gogoanime is an internet platform for every anime enthusiast to download and watch their anime. On this site, you may find all the anime films and TV series. It attracts more people for of large library of anime films and series. All content kinds are fully HD so that viewers may enjoy better and better. Anyone who wants to look at animes most of the time may certainly choose this Gogoanime site. You may download animes of all sorts and genres on this website.

5. AnimeFreak:

watch cartoon online watchcartoononline thewatchcartoononline

AnimeFreak is another free anime site which delivers to those who desire to watch cartoon online completely free of charge. Enthusiasts want all sorts of anime títles in their pockets. While the UI department lacks a lot to be desired, it is nevertheless a fantastic platform for finding decent quality animated films online. In addition to announcing the debut of new anime titles, there is not much else on the website. However, if a certain source doesn’t work, you can pick from other source choices.


  • Quick update of latest cartoon
  • Displayed in high definition 1080P
  • Anime community support
  • Live chat 24 hours a day.
  • Selectable from a variety of sources.

FAQs regarding WatchCartoonOnline:

1. What are the mirror websites for

WatchCartoonOnline may be banned in some regions, and we have already mentioned some alternatives to bypass the ban. But there are backup mirror websites in case you want to use WatchCartoonOnline again.

2. Is a VPN necessary for WatchCartoonOnline streaming?

Some countries and regions may block TheWatchCartoonOnline on their local internet, and in that case, a VPN or a Virtual Private Network might come in handy. VPN diverts the local traffic to a foreign server, so access to WatchCartoonOnline is automatically unblocked. A strong VPN is needed for maximum security and fast streaming.

3. Does WatchCartoonOnline cater to individual anime or cartoon requests?

Every anime group loves hearing feedback (negative or positive) from its viewers. You can easily place your order on the website page, and it will be delivered to the main site ASAP.

4. Does WatchCartoonOnline provide an app?

WatchCartoonOnline is a renowned website for cartoon and anime streaming, which can be readily streamed or downloaded online. TheWatchCartoonOnline provides an easy-to-use mobile application, which consumers choose to utilize in their everyday routine. WatchCartoonOnline provides an app for Android smartphones, and we can use them at the palms of our hands. The app has a lot of bugs, but it is worth waiting for the app. 

5. Is WatchCartoonOnline legal:

WatchCartoonOnline does video piracy on a worldwide level and is a contributing factor for video piracy. Therefore, WatchCartoonOnline is an unlawful website as well. There is an enormous collection of cartoons, anime, and films. However, they all have problems with piracy. This is the reason for the prohibition of WatchCartoonOnline in many nations across the world.


Hence we see in this article that WatchCartoonOnline is a full-fledged website which is best at watching cartoon online for free. This streaming portal makes your job really easy, saves a lot of time, and one of the best in the category of pirated anime websites. Hope you enjoy this article and you get help here. Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any concerns or doubts.




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