The Best Casino Games 2021 to Play Now On Mobile

Casino game lovers don’t necessarily have to boot their PC or laptop anymore to enjoy the best games. Online casinos and game producers have been offering games that are just as enjoyable on a mobile screen as they are on a computer screen. Most casino games don’t require as big memory or fast processing power as some of the complicated video games so you won’t have to rush to the shop to buy the most expensive smartphone. 

Be it Android, iPhone or Windows devices, you won’t have to compromise on graphics or sounds when you play mobile games. In this piece, we will give you some advice on what games you can enjoy on your smartphone. A Norwegian iGaming expert, Alexandra Nereng, whom you can read more about here, gave us some tips on which are the best casino games 2021 for mobile users. 

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Guess which casino games are the most popular in both online and land-based casinos worldwide? That’s right. It has slots! Slots don’t require any skill and there are no rules you have to learn before you start playing. All you have to do is select your bet and hit the spin button. 

Practically all online casinos have slot games. You can select one that gives a casino bonus norge and start playing instantly. Most casinos will let you play slot games for free so you can get some practice and get familiar with the games before you wager any money. 

There are tens of thousands of slot games you can choose from depending on your taste. Sports lovers can choose games with a sports theme, for example, Euro Golden Cup or Knockout. Those who like to see beautiful ladies fill the screen can go for Sisters of Oz WowPot and if you like Japanese anime, you can opt for Sakura Fortune. 

The great thing about ‘slots’ is that it is possible to win a life-changing amount of money with them. If that is your goal, go for a slot game that has a jackpot game included in it, such as Mega Moolah that has had the biggest jackpot amount ever paid out which was €18,915,721! Mega Fortune and Jackpot Giant are other good jackpot slot options and all can be enjoyed perfectly from mobile devices. 


If you prefer card games to other types of casino games you should start with blackjack. Blackjack is one of the best casino games overall. It is quick, it is easy to learn, it gives you good odds and your skills – that will come with time – can make a big difference. 

When you play blackjack online, you are playing against the computer and you are the only player in the game. So the small screen is perfectly enough to see your hand and the dealer’s cards. There is no time pressure so you can make an educated decision on whether you should hit or stand. You can also use a strategy chart to reduce the house edge to a minimum.


Roulette is a glamorous game that can be enjoyed on your phone without losing out on anything. It is a game of chance that does not require any skill and you can get your head around the rules in a couple of minutes. The great thing about roulette is that there is a perfect correlation between odds and payouts. You have an almost 50% chance of doubling your money with an odd/even or red/black bet but if you are in a mood to risk more, make a straight bet (on a single number) for a chance to win 35 times your bet!

For maximum glitz and glamour go for the live version of the game. Since in Norway there are no traditional land-based casinos, this is your best chance of experiencing a real casino feel!


Most casino games on mobile devices are optimized these days and you won’t lose anything by going for mobile games as opposed to games played from a PC. Slots, blackjack and roulette are excellent choices for small screen playing. Most can be practised for free so give them a go before wagering real money. 


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