Reasons Why Augmented Reality is a Game Changer for Self-Improvement

Have you ever woken up in the same old bed with the same old noise and the same old boring view? Just feeling tired of the everyday reality you have to face. It might be a good life, but it is still your usual life. 

Monotonous living has often led to drastic mid-life crises involving people spending their entire life savings. This may be spent on a shiny car, or suddenly trying out a new sport. 

There is a way to break free from the tiresome reality we are used to. Fortunately, it doesn’t involve losing all of our savings or risking an injury.

Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality? 

You have probably heard of augmented reality and how ‘game breaking’ it is, allowing you to be immersed in a whole new version of the world. Pretty much every little kid, teenager, and middle-aged man has probably gotten excited over the idea of having a Pikachu in the middle of the house. 

Augmented reality (AR) is a trend that involves bringing digital programs to life. This can be done with modern goggles or even a mobile phone that allows the user to be immersed in the augmented world. This trend comes in all shapes and sizes with a variety of uses.

The idea of using technology as a means to view the world isn’t limited to AR. Virtual reality is another fairly new and promising way of experiencing the virtual world. Virtual Reality transports the user into an entirely new world as opposed to Augmented Reality that simply adds to real life. There are other things that separate Virtual and Augmented reality

As mentioned, AR adds to the reality we live in and allows us to see things from a different perspective. These programs might help a student to gain access to a whole new depth of knowledge with virtual tours. Other programs may help a beginner that wants to get into fitness with a hands-on virtual gym coach.

AR provides a realm of opportunities and here are a few that you might want to grab.

What can be Achieved with Augmented Reality?

According to Market Research, the self-improvement industry has been focused on Baby Boomers as a target market, but slowly Millennials are becoming the main demographic. The self-improvement industry is estimated to only grow larger as time passes.

Self-improvement is often associated with gym appointments, healthy diets, or learning a new hobby. It can be achieved in different ways but is always sought after.

Self-Improvement Options with Augmented Reality

AR paves a modern path to achieving a better self. This technology can be found useful in essentially every common self-improvement practice.


Feel like hitting the gym? Usually, you would need to hire on-site coaches or maybe rely on an athletic friend for advice. Exercise isn’t easy but it gets better with the addition of AR. 

With AR you can have a virtual instructor checking your form and giving you all the important information regarding a workout. This workout is still all on you, augmented reality just makes it better and more efficient.


Augmented reality provides a whole new level of immersion. This is very evident in new releases of games. AR allows games to provide players with a richer experience and a whole new way of gaming.

The world of gaming is constantly evolving and the tools that come along with it. It continues to gain popularity as a healthy hobby. AR provides you with a way of maximizing every possibility. 

When talking about current-day gaming, it would be an injustice to not mention VR-based games. VR headsets are doing rounds in the gaming industry with new products making their way to the market frequently. Oculus Rift, for instance, a market leader in VR headsets, enables you to play VR-enabled PC games. 

These advanced immersive gaming technologies are what attract people to try the new innovative methods for self-improvement. Indeed a thing to watch out for in the near future! 


Is life getting a little too chaotic? Another common self-improvement practice is meditation. Reflecting in a calm and peaceful environment to feel better. Fortunately, Augmented reality can provide users with a serene beach-themed atmosphere or even a calming bamboo forest. This simulation brings the sounds and sights of peace right at the comfort of your own home.


Many well-used platforms today are all about expression. Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram are all widely used social platforms that are all about self-expression. Self-improvement is often associated with the ability to express oneself.

AR can allow you to share your hobby with interactive displays or maybe even a whole new method of expression. This may even allow viewers to gain more enjoyment and substance out of your work. In the end, Augmented reality simply provides you with more options.


Another common suggestion to a better self involves reorganizing. Suddenly cleaning up the house and rearranging old drawers can only go so far. AR allows you to compile a whole stack of books and files into one easy access program. 

You won’t need any hefty folders if you have a holographic organizer.


Self-improvement is rarely mentioned without the proposal of a new instrument. AR allows you to gain the latest and critical information regarding a new topic with an easy-to-digest presentation. 

Learning a new instrument is made easier with chords that light up as a signal. AR can also record your performance and play it back for you with additional information. 


Self-improvement isn’t just about the self. Sometimes the presence and input of other people are just as valuable as the time we set for ourselves. Augmented reality allows you easier access to these connections despite the possible distance between you and them. 

Other than simply connecting, AR can also enrich this experience by augmenting certain aspects of dating. Despite being miles apart, going on a virtual date with someone you like will now be super easy.


Some people aim to be better students. Augmented reality provides a new depth of information more efficiently. Additionally, the exchange of feedback between a student and their professor is also enhanced. Providing an educator with a flexible platform can do wonders for the educational system.

Freedom to Experiment

Probably one of the most common tips for self-improvement is the opportunity to experiment. Be it a new look, hobby, design, all of these can be enhanced with AR. Augmented reality serves as the modern-day sandbox with the same intentions but a whole new level of possibilities.

Want to picture yourself in new clothes? Try on a virtual version and see how you like it. Maybe a new floor plan? Map it out with a 3d design and collect other people’s ideas on it. This level of experimentation can be maximized for recreational or even work-related uses.

Key Takeaways

Augmented reality is a new trend that has very promising possibilities. This can be used for a variety of reasons depending on the consumer.

Despite the wide range of possibilities, AR does not struggle with being very hands-on on a specific topic. One might expect that a jack of all trades would be a master of none, when in fact this jack is a master in more than one.

AR is all about taking reality and enhancing it for the benefit of the user.


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