One of Those Cyber Days

One of those cyber days, well, you may or may not wonder what this title means and how this expression relates to the term “Cyber,” or at least in this particular article.

The expression “One of Those Days” generally refers to a day full of unexpected blunders and in this case cyber security blunders. As with many other expressions, the polar opposite could be true to that effect. One of Those Days or Cyber Days could also mean a set of notable positive events, and within the context of this article, cyber-related events taking place in a particular day.

Let’s zero-in on ways to avoid the negative aspect of “One of Those Cyber Days” and shed some light with an example of a positive instance of “One of Those Cyber Days.

Cyber Days

Antimalware Applications

The moment you remove virus related cyber security threats from your list of priorities is the moment you are building up a likely path to a negative “One of Those Cyber Days.” The antithesis of that should be happening; you should employ an unwavering attitude to pursue exceptional antimalware applications. Start by testing out a few, choosing one, and then purchasing the full version.

It is not advisable to save money on internet security products; it is one of those things you think you may save now on but later pay the price, possibly in multiples of tens, hundreds and even thousands more. This is synonymous with skipping routine oil changes for your car which can lead to an all-out crippling of your engine, rendering losses in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Network Security

Security or, more specifically, within the context of this article, ‘cyber security can be compared to a fortified castle with many gates built before the entrance to the castle is made possible. Every gate is analogues to cyber security and often a cyber privacy layer.

The network security layer is super important because it analyzes the network entry for all traffic incoming and outgoing in a cyber security context. Network appliances or firewalls analyze every fragment of data at the most granular level to ensure the data is valid and not mal intended.

Device-level firewalls can also be used if you wish to add a “gate” to that picture. For example, Windows has an out of the box firewall, and other 3rd-party products offer their unique benefits and features.

Firewall Logs & Network Packet Analyzers

Firewall logs and network packet analyzers are also great tools if you want to understand and gain insights in general on the traffic entering your private network, as well as malicious blocked traffic.

Firewall Log Levels

As you may start to explore and use firewalls, keep in mind that the logs are generally text files saved on your hard drive and possibly on the cloud. For that reason, firewalls allow log details to narrow and broaden in scope to have tighter control of those file sizes.

The Positive One of Those Cyber Days

On the flip side, as you increase your efforts to rev up your cyber security, your cyber usage experience will optimize in tandem. This means that with your home network protected and an excellent anti malware application running and other robust security measures in place, you will start your IoT journey with a piece of mind as you digitize and modernize your home and life.


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