How to Use Tech Effectively in Your Online eCommerce Business

Although every online eCommerce business uses different types of tech, there is still the question of whether the tech is being used to its full potential. Of course, there are various different reasons why you may not want to use certain features that are available to you; however, some of these features may make your business far more efficient and productive.

eCommerce Business

Capture customer details

Most businesses have a form of CRM software installed on their systems. This software is crucial for saving customer information and building an important customer–business relationship. But in order to make this software really work for your business, you can use it to generate additional sales by selling to your premium customers.

This is due to the fact that you will have a record of all the purchases that your customers have made from your business, therefore, providing you with an inventory of what products those customers are interested in. Your CRM software could be using this information to then promote similar or complimentary products or services to these customers. Of course, other information that is also held on your software will include how your customers pay for their orders and, more importantly, how fast. You are, for instance, not going to want to promote your products or services to bad payers or those that refuse to pay at all.

Manage warehouse responsibilities         

It is likely that you already have some warehouse software in place, and if you don’t, it would be a good idea to invest in some. Providing that you are working with some competent WMS software, you will find that your warehouse can be run highly efficiently, especially when every aspect of this software is being taken advantage of.

For instance, having software that holds the details of where products are kept within your warehouse, as well as stock levels, will save your employees time hunting for items when picking orders. It will also save your business the embarrassment of having to turn down orders or delaying deadlines due to being out of stock on vital components. Of course, there is more on offer in warehouse software than just this, so understanding what WMS software is and what is available to you is a must.

Install chatbots for customer engagement

In the past, if a potential customer visited your website and had questions or couldn’t find their way around, they would have little to no option but to click away. This could mean that they then visit a competitor’s website.

Nowadays, however, this needn’t happen. You can install a chatbot onto your website to meet and greet as well as answer simple customer queries that can be passed on to a member of your team should they be a bit more in-depth or require specialist knowledge. When setting up your chatbot, you should, however, always provide the option for your potential customer to get the attention of a human from the start and let them know that they are dealing with a chatbot.

Some customers find chatbots infuriating and may not even bother to communicate if they know they are just going to be sent around in circles rather than having a conversation with another person.


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