How to Turn Off Message Requests on Instagram

If you have a public Instagram profile, anyone on the platform can send you a direct message. However, if they’re not someone you follow, their message will appear in your Message Requests folder. To keep your inbox clean and organized, here’s how to manage these requests. 

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What Is a Message Request? 

If your Instagram profile is public, any user on the platform can send you direct messages. However, messages sent by users who you are not following are filtered into a separate folder called “Message Requests.” When you receive a message request, you have the option to either accept or delete it after reading. It’s important to note that accepting a message request does not automatically follow the user who sent it; rather, it allows their future messages to appear in your regular inbox along with any other messages from people you do follow. 

How To Turn Off Message Requests? 

If having all these unread messages in your “Message Requests” folder is getting overwhelming or distracting, there is an easy solution. You can easily turn off message requests so that they don’t appear at all in either your inbox or “Message Requests” folder. To do this: tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile; tap in the top right; then tap Settings; tap Privacy; then tap Messages; choose whether message requests from people on Instagram or Facebook go to your Chats list (inbox), Message Requests folder, or whether to receive them at all. 

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Why Turn Off Message Requests? 

The most common reason why someone would want to turn off message requests is that they do not want to receive messages from people they do not follow. This is an especially useful feature for those who have a public account and are receiving a lot of messages from strangers. By turning off message requests, you can reduce the amount of distractions by limiting who can send you direct messages. You can use a viewer for the messaging purpose. You can also view private Instagram through this app.

Another benefit of turning off message requests is that it helps to declutter your inbox. With many people messaging you at once, keeping track of all the direct messages can be challenging. By turning off message requests, only those that you follow will be able to send you direct messages which makes it easier for you to stay organized and respond in a timely manner. 

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The Importance of Managing Your Incoming Messages 

It’s important for everyone who uses social media platforms like Instagram for business purposes—or even just for connecting with friends—to stay on top of their incoming messages. This means regularly checking both their main inbox as well as their “Message Request” folder so they don’t miss out on any important conversations or opportunities. Plus managing your messaging settings is key for staying safe online as it prevents unwanted contact from strangers who may want access to personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses.  


Managing message requests on Instagram is easy and helps keep your inbox organized. Whether you want to keep receiving these messages or turn them off altogether, it’s always important to take control of who can reach out directly via Direct Messenger! By managing these requests properly, users can ensure that their conversations stay private and secure while also avoiding any unwanted attention from unknown sources. So make sure you set up your account settings accordingly today!


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