How to track video ad effectiveness? Are VCR and CPCV good metrics?

Advertising techniques that use AI-based algorithms help businesses find the right content and display it to the right audiences. Such optimization is necessary to achieve great results from campaigns and spend the budget in a wise way. Monitoring the performance of the marketing campaigns should be done to check the effectiveness of the ads and draw conclusions for future campaigns. This is the area where metrics such as VCR or CPCV should catch your attention.

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Video completion rate

Video ads are one of the most well-liked content types in advertising, but even they have their limits. After all, the attention of users is limited and you have mere seconds to capture it and show them the whole marketing message. People tend to skip longer videos, but, on the other hand, short ones often aren’t enough to present to the audience the whole story. The line is pretty slim and hitting the sweet spot is a challenge. Video ads tend to be shorter than 2 minutes long, and the time between 30 and 60 seconds offers the most benefits. One of the key metrics of video ads is VCR (video completion rate). It defines the percentage of users who watched the video from the beginning to the end. Naturally, businesses aim to have a high VCR, which suggests that the marketing message was received by potential clients. 

Cost Per Completed View

Another metric that tells us a lot about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign is CPCV, which stands for Cost Per Completed View. But CPCV not only tells us about the cost of views. It’s also an advertising pricing model, which states that businesses pay whenever their video has been viewed through to completion. For this reason, CPCV is a pretty good method of investing your promotional budget because your money purchases high-quality users who have seen your ad from start to finish. 

Thanks to CPCV, you can figure out how much presenting your entire video to a user costs and use that knowledge to optimize video campaigns. You should aim to reach a higher amount of completed views rather than focus on impressions or clicks, as those metrics don’t tell you a lot about being seen by your potential clients.

Is CPCV important to your company?

Oh yes! Both VCR and CPCV are very good metrics that will help you assess the efficiency of your video ads. Those two metrics can be linked to each other to provide you with even better effects. How? If you choose CPCV as your main ad efficiency metric, VCR will automatically rise to 100%, and you won’t have to think about it anymore. Instead, you may focus solely on CPCV and reaching the value you set as your goal. 

What monitoring does your VCR or CPCV offer you? You will learn how many users see your video from the beginning to the end and whether you need to improve ad targeting. You’ll also know the number of users that engage with your videos after watching them and how much video views actually cost you. 


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