How to Save Instagram Stories to Your Computer

If you’re a regular Instagram user, you’re probably aware of the 24-hour Story. Even if you’ve never realized that you certainly understand.

Yes, Instagram Stories is a popular feature that only lasts 24 hours. On the one hand, it’s a positive thing since you’re getting a glimpse into users’ real lives, but on the other side, you could spend hours on Instagram trying to keep up with your favorite blogger’s great ideas. You can also use Insta story saver online. I am able to help you with something like this. You can download the Stories to any device after reading this post and watch them whenever you want.

Instagram Stories

Here are a few explanations if you don’t know why you need to download stories.

Why should Stories be downloaded?

1. Content ongoing

In your memory, you might not have to maintain it. Regardless of what material you see in your favorite Instagram blogger’s story (be it instructive, inspiring, or life-long recommendations), you have now the chance to store it longer, then open it up and remind it.

Naturally, the screenshot is there, but the video is not going to function.

2. At all times accessibility

I agree that finding sites without the internet is difficult these days, but I’m sure you also discovered them. You may open the gallery and watch a nice or amusing tale in all circumstances till your phone/laptop is powerless. The narrative information remains present till you remove it even after a year.

Generally, stories obtained without the internet do not fear times and locations.

3. This is not difficult

Downloading stories is nothing tough. You have to install or utilize a third-party program without the usage of the platforms (see below).

4. Anonymity

Don’t fear someone think that you’re robbing material (the copyright law won’t be ignored). Most applications to download stories of other people are designed to anonymously watch and save everything. Anonymity is one of the key components, therefore users will not profit from other apps.

5. It’s legitimate

Instagram is a social network that is one of the most open. After all, it will be difficult to advertise themselves without sociality and openness on their weekends 24/7. My argument is that, if it appears freely, it is possible to utilize the information, all material is shared. The most important thing is to remember copyright legislation if you are using content from other people in the future (mark the authorship or talk to the content owner).

Downloading Instagram Story

Several applications may be found on the app/play store to read or upload other stories, videos, posts, etc. Here I’ll display you the major downloader and an installation-free Instagram Stories downloader.

Instagram Story Downloader Offered By Bigbangram

It isn’t the app so your device doesn’t need to be set up. On the Bigbangram platform, you merely open the tool and utilize it online. You may download stories on a computer or your phone.

How to operate:

  • Switch through the browser to the platform.
  • Go to your Insta account and then find a current story user that you want.
  • Copy and enter in the input bar this username.
  • Click “Download” and select from your phone gallery or computer the stories essential to obtain them “Download.”

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This is it. That’s everything. You know the fundamental instruments. You may now download and read the stories any time you choose. Remember the copyright legislation for whatever purpose you want to download the stories of other people and there will be no difficulties.


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