How to Gain Views on Instagram Reels

The extent of views you get on your Reels on Instagram says a lot about how well you are performing on the platform and is useful in measuring the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Having a low amount of views will do your brand no good, but on the other hand, the more views you get, the better for your brand.

With more reel views, your Instagram account becomes more visible, reaches a wider audience, experiences an enhanced engagement rate that yields more revenue in sales, and can also lure multiple other individuals, brands, and businesses into partnering with you for sponsorships.

In short, your brand growth on Instagram has so much to do with growing your Instagram reel views. So, we will share with you some guaranteed tips and tricks on how to gain views on Instagram Reels, such as optimizing your account, buying, being consistent, leveraging hashtags, etc.

How to Gain Views on Instagram Reels


9 Proven Ways to Gain Views on Instagram Reels

Perhaps you have been so worried about how to boost views on your Instagram. You are not alone in this. Below are some guaranteed ways we have found to be helpful in increasing views on Instagram reels:

1) Optimize Your Bio

A well-optimized Instagram account is all about making it attractive enough to capture the attention of potential viewers and inspire them to always check out your reels, which can help you boost your views count.

To optimize your bio, you need to craft a compelling and concise description that briefly reflects who you are and what value your audience enjoys with you.

In addition, you should include some relevant keywords in your bio to further enhance your profile visibility, which encourages more users to find your profile, and finally, include a call-to-action at the end of your description that boosts up viewership.

2) Make Great Content

Even though you already have a compelling bio, the quality of your reels has a role to play in drawing and retaining more Instagram users for bigger views. Poorly created content tends to gather very low views.

Therefore, you should create valuable content that will amuse your audience. Your reels should be informative, and most essentially, they should be humorous and entertaining.

Furthermore, you should ensure that they are visually appealing, with high-grade images and videos, while you maintain a consistent aesthetic and post a mix of various engaging content to generate higher reel views and interactions.

3) Use Relevant Hashtags

Use Relevant Hashtags

Add relevant hashtags in your reels on Instagram to significantly expand your reach and visibility. It can also influence the Instagram Algorithm to make your reels feature on the Instagram Explore Page and on users’ reels feed, which assures more viewers for your content.

In the event that you are not sure of the hashtags to use, utilize the Instagram feature to discover trending themes, as well as some popular hashtags in your niche. Additionally, you can take a look at some of your competitors to find out which hashtags they employ to reach more viewers.

4) Be Consistent

Since the goal is to constantly boost your reel views, then you also cannot relent! Especially with the unceasing flood of reels by other creators, you also need to maintain a consistent and optimal posting schedule to stay on top of your audience’s minds.

To find the optimal posting frequency that works for your niche and target audience, you need to consider their demographics, such as ages, location, probable time-zone differences, and so on, to know the times that they are usually online to view your reels.

5) Utilize Stories and Reels

Utilizing stories and reel features can help increase engagement and invite more viewers. Craft engaging reels around popular and very interesting topics and incorporates good audio tracks or trending sounds to draw users’ interest and also cheer them to share with their friends and families.

In addition, effectively make use of the polls feature on your Instagram story. Ask germane questions that can facilitate higher interactions and also encourage more users to view your reels.

6) Buy Instagram Views

The fastest and easiest way to boost views on your Instagram reels is through buying. It gives you the opportunity to get enough views that are required to boost your visibility and exposure, which will attract numerous other organic viewers and possibly make your reels go viral.

It is safest to purchase quality Instagram views from Media Mister, an authentic social media marketing agency that provides real views from genuine Instagram accounts with a money-back guarantee and a high retention rate.

You can, with no trouble, strengthen your brand voice and presence on Instagram while you increase your sales and revenue and also become qualified for paid sponsorships from other brands.

7) Interact with Your Followers

Interact with Your Followers

Actively engaging with your followers and the broader Instagram community can help you build a stronger relationship with them, encourage more intense engagements, strengthen your network, and nurture users’ loyalty to your brand.

This will meaningfully boost your views count, especially because your loyal followers will keep spreading the word about your brand. Some useful ways to interact with your audience include responding to their comments, direct messages (DMs), and mentions.

8) Collaborate with Other Influencers

Partnering with other influencers can give you an easy entry into a broader community on Instagram, publicize your reels, and secure reel views in 100s of thousands.

The reason is that these influencers have already gained a noteworthy level of relevance and a huge fan base on the platform, and of which their followers trust them enough to also engage with whoever they collaborate with.

Conversely, when choosing who to collaborate with, you should consider their integrity and ensure that they have the right audience that will be interested in the nature of the reels that you make.

9) Use Instagram Insights

It is important that you utilize Instagram Insights and analytics features to gain valuable insights into your audience and content performance. With this, you can critically examine each reel’s metrics and know which ones had the most views.

This info can guide you in determining the best type of content that the audience relates with, and you can then adjust your content strategy to further attract more views and reactions from your audience.


Increasing your reel view on Instagram requires you to take deliberate steps. We have talked about the most assured Instagram tips that can help you boost your views. So, be certain to use them effectively, and watch your views grow!


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