How the Gaming Landscape has Changed in the Last Decade

Cast your mind back to around 2010, and you may have done most of your gaming on consoles like the PS3. While many of the franchises you were previously familiar with at this time are still thriving, they have achieved this by adapting to changing technology.

Nearly everyone owns a smartphone nowadays, and this alone has transformed the gaming market in the last 10 years. Of course, mobile gaming is nothing new. Perhaps you owned a Gameboy back in the day and still enjoy playing on the go with a 3DS.

Just like video games have adapted over the past decade, so too have online casinos. Most crucially, most of them are available to play on mobile. However, with the market so saturated, the problem can be finding an online casino which suits you.

The industry is thriving, but there are many online casinos out there that do nothing out of the ordinary. The online casino website design instantly captures the attention of a visitor through featuring a retro Vegas theme, add this to the fact that they feature over 1,000 casino games on their site, it is widely regarded as the best online casino operator out there.

Of course, the quality of casino games has changed dramatically over the past decade. The industry is almost unrecognizable. In this article, we’ll go into detail on how the gaming market has changed in the last decade. We’ve also mentioned some of the best titles that exist at the minute.

Compared to 2010, Much of the Video Game Landscape is Virtually Unrecognizable

Video Game Landscape

As you know, the shift to mobile is probably the most significant change in video games over the past decade. However, it’s not the only one. Much of the way that people access games and game publications are shifting online. New genres are emerging, and graphics are becoming way more advanced.

Shift to Online Multi-Play. There was a time when we would gather with our friends, playing our favourite titles on our living room TV on a Friday night. Now, most multiplayer gaming is done online. To an extent, this is sad to see, as it doesn’t encompass the same social element. Nevertheless, the fact that big titles like Halo 5: Guardians have taken split-screen away shows that this feature is being wound down.

Free to Play. Franchises recognized that players were increasingly reluctant to spend large amounts on their favourite titles. Out of this came the ‘free to play’ model, providing free games which incorporated certain paid features. Unfortunately, the ‘money grabbing’ mentality of specific companies is evident, charging players to simply continue playing after a certain level has been achieved, for example. This raises questions as to whether a new free to play model needs creating.

Digital Storefronts. At one time, the only way to buy your favourite title was to head down to your local video game store. Today, as internet download speeds continue to improve, downloads are the primary way people buy games. While the digital download is most popular with PC games, the uptake for consoles is slower. However, there will be a time when video stores, unfortunately, disappear entirely from our high streets. Similarly, printed games media is also expected to become obsolete eventually. Gamers can now access all the reviews and information they need online on multimedia-rich websites, YouTube and Twitch.

Better Storytelling. Thanks to the invention of new hardware for gaming, plus franchises having access to larger budgets and teams, some video games are closer to the latest blockbuster movie in the cinema. However, there has been a backlash from critics. Some of whom think that such games are over the top and blur the lines between various media. Think along the lines of BioShock, and you’ll realize what we mean.

New Genres. The categories of eSports and MOBA are huge and are now considered one of the most popular genres in the video game space. Indie games is also a scene which is flourishing, down to the fact that it’s becoming easier to create these types of games in the first place.

GTA, Plus Other Landmark Game Favourites


Grand Theft Auto. Perhaps one of the best things about this classic game is the fact that you can simply drive around and take in the sights, which happen to be intricate and expertly crafted. Aside from this, the story is also compelling, and the characters realistic. Ultimately, this reaction provoking game with expertly put together script, ticks all the right boxes for us.

Aside from GTA, other games stand out for us as firm favourites, including:

Pokemon Go. There’s nothing quite like witnessing the crowds just hanging around trying to ‘catch them all’. We just love the fact that everyone can get involved in this exciting game.

Bloodborne. The best thing about this game is that it is so addictive. In fact, once you’ve played it once, you might want to repeat it over and over. In short, a challenging game, but packed with fun!

Portal 2 and Overwatch. Being classic shooter games, they’re aimed at all abilities and feature great characters. It also helps that the gameplay is immersive and the storylines compelling.

Better Game Play, Storytelling and Platforms Just Some of the Future Changes of Games

Future Changes of Games

Rewind back one decade, and the video games industry is virtually unrecognizable. Mobile is very much the hot platform now, while the days of you and your friends sitting around your living room TV enjoying the latest titles are slowly becoming obsolete, in favour of online multiplayer games.

While some believe this is hampering progress, specifically, the social element of gaming, there is no doubt that the future of gaming is exciting. Indeed, there will be a day when video game stores will have closed their doors for good, as gamers instead buy their favourite titles online.

Equally, traditional print media for gaming is also expected to become obsolete. Gamers now get everything they need through multimedia-rich websites, YouTube and platforms like Twitch.

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In general, gameplay and storytelling have vastly improved in the past decade, with some games even rivalling graphics and effects featured in major movie blockbusters. But sometimes, this is achieved at extra cost to the customer. For example, when franchises claw back money from their customers from so-called ‘free games’.


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