How Technology Affects Academic Writing Skills

It’s clear to see the importance and impact technology has on our day-to-day lives. Technology plays an important role in business, communication, electronic devices, online services as well as in the leisure industry. All of these aspects affect the way we behave as well as the way we think and this includes students too. In fact, the younger generation is more likely to embrace technology and gadgets quicker than the older generation and this means we now are now seeing how technology can impact students’ academic writing. Surveys have revealed that a lot of students state that they receive more writing tasks than they can get finished by the set deadline, therefore, it’s clear to see why many students turn to cheap paper writing services such as Affordable Papers for high-quality essay assistance. 

Below we will take a look at how technology can affect academic writing skills and examine the positives of this.

The positives of using technology in writing

There are so many positives to using online tools when it comes to academic writing:

  • Technology makes communication thrive – With so many online interactive platforms available, it’s clear to see how written communication is thriving. The majority of social media apps have their own messaging facilities on the internet and the internet also has many other tools which can be used for communication such as WhatsApp and Skype.  All of these tools enable students to communicate with others in a much easier way than ever before.

  • Technology goes hand-in-hand with teachers – Unfortunately, the majority of any education system relies on teachers having to work with a large number of pupils and this means teachers cannot always spend enough time with each individual student and this can impact a student’s learning. The good news is technology can work hand in hand with teachers and help students to tackle academic assignments independently. For instance, consider apps such as FluentU. This app is available to use at any time of day and can make the study of language far more interesting and as it teaches it in a gaming kind of way. This is perfect to motivate students when it comes to practicing their academic writing skills.

  • Technology helps with research skills – The internet has a huge amount of resources when it comes to academic material. The sources that are available online help students to enhance their research skills and learn more about finding specific information. It’s not just Wikipedia that students can turn to as there are many other online sources that students can browse to capture information.

  • Technology promotes creativity – Technology can also affect a student’s creativity as students are given the opportunity to work out a new concept online and look at how others think about particular subjects. Overall, this provides students’ inspiration when it comes to completing their own assignments. This all means that a young writer can only improve as their work will become more and more creative. 

  • Technology helps students to revise their work faster – Proofreading and editing can be difficult and are time-consuming tasks. The good news is there are lots of proofreading tools available online and many of these can check and correct mistakes in a short space of time.

  • Technology can improve grades – Students can improve their academic writing skills through the use of technology as they will become better writers which mean they will get better grades. So not only does technology make it easier for students, it provides a positive result overall.

  • Technology can help to save time – When students have a lot to complete, the last thing they want to do is waste time on editing paper versions of their writing. The good news is there are lots of online platforms that can assist with academic writing and can make the process of writing much quicker, which in turn will save a student time so they can spend this time learning new things.

  • Technology encourages teamwork – A great way to encourage teamwork is to use writing tools. Such tools enable students to work together and learn about the importance of working as a team. Not only does this help with improving academic writing skills, but it can also help children to learn new skills. For example, it can help students by improving interpersonal communication, developing empathy, and supporting one another. 

  • Technology helps to promote attentiveness – Content that’s created for online use is usually available to the public and for this reason; students need to be mindful about what they write to ensure that it’s appropriate. In turn, this makes students more thoughtful and encourages them to pay attention to smaller details. This helps to improve students’ academic writing skills on the whole.    

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It’s clear to see that online writing services, social media, and apps all play a very important role in the lives of a student and affect the way that they think and behave. Overall, the education system will be affected by modern digital technology, and it’s crucial for us to see the positive impact it has on aspects such as academic, writing skills when it comes to a student’s progress and achievement.



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