How Shopify Chatbots Are Useful For Increasing Sales

You set up an e-commerce platform and start to realize one thing. Landing sales is harder than you thought it would be. The amount of competition on the online platform is staggering. You are all competing for a share of voice.

Yet, the audience you think is deceptively large is very small. It helps to do all you can to capture, engage, and retain your target audiences. That means that a good product or service is not enough.

It is critical to ensure excellent customer support and prompt service to your customers. That is why many e-commerce platforms are adapting technologies like chatbots. 

Shopify chatbots

We will show you how Shopify chatbots are useful for increasing sales in the article below. 

Shopify Chatbots; What Are They?

In looking for a way to understand chatbots for Shopify, think of a human agent, but in a machine form. The machines can handle customer queries and provide prompt responses. 

The more advanced chatbots incorporate artificial intelligence to get human-like abilities. In order to provide advanced functionalities, they use machine learning and natural language processing. They can, for example, provide product recommendations based on past shopping behavior. 

AI chatbots can also adjust responses depending on what the customer needs in terms of information. The driving force behind the use of chatbots is to help with conversational marketing without dependence on human beings. 

The Shopify platform has been one of the major adopters of chatbots technology. If you are on the platform and not using them, you need to read on. We will show you how you can increase sales with the best chatbots for Shopify. 

How You Will Increase Sales With Shopify Chatbots 

  1. Chatbots Enhance Customer Support 

What happens when you use human labor to provide customer support? The first is that you must have the capacity to have a full-time resource. It is expensive, and many small businesses cannot afford to do it.

There is also the issue of slow responses to customer queries. In the worst-case scenario, there is no feedback at all. Customers may also have to deal with rude, inattentive, or unhelpful team members. 

Think about the times you have had to forego a purchase due to poor handling by the customer support team. We could go on and on about the disadvantages of live agents. But you get the picture. 

Chatbots or automation provides an excellent solution. Once you invest in the technology, the only thing you need to do is maintain it. And, the benefits to the business will be clear for all to see. These include:-

  • Real-time and prompt response to customer queries
  • 24/7 customer support meaning clients get service even outside of normal operating hours
  • Higher efficiency in processes due to real-time interaction with customers
  • Service personalization and product recommendations.

2. Personalization and Product Recommendations

As an online shopper, you have had a chance to visit many e-commerce platforms. Browsing through the website and product catalogs can take forever. You may end up leaving without buying anything. E-commerce owners can increase revenue with product recommendations. 

And that is where AI chatbots have a significant role to play. Here is how they work. The chatbots learn the customer behavior. They take into consideration which items the shopper looks at a lot.

The chatbots also see what you purchase. Such insights are the basis for product recommendations. The business can increase sales by upselling and cross-selling. 

In upselling, the chatbots will recommend similar products that may be a bit more expensive. It will then highlight the unique selling points to increase the chances of a sale. 

Cross-selling focuses on getting the customer to buy complementary products together with what they are already purchasing. Think about also selling toothpaste to a customer who was interested in purchasing a toothbrush. 

Product recommendation is easy to see on platforms like Netflix and other streaming services. They recommend shows or music you should listen to, even before you know the content is available. 

How does it make you feel? Like the company understands and values you, right? When subscription renewal time rolls around, you have no problem paying up. 

And, the likelihood of you remaining a loyal customer is very high. That level of personalization on your Shopify eCommerce store is possible with the right chatbots.

3. Shopify Chatbots Can Bring In Customers

Spending money on marketing and advertising is all good. But you must lay the ground first so that you engage with those audiences you attract. Shopify chatbots can help optimize the e-commerce platform. 

You want to make the experience on your site seamless. Customers should be able to browse and get feedback on any queries they may have. Make it easy for them to search for items, and provide recommendations to help them buy. 

Using insights from data collected by chatbots will help in different things. Customer targeting, for instance, becomes better when you understand your audiences better. 

Happy customers stay and, most importantly, buy your products or services. They will also refer your business to family and friends. 

4. Chatbots Help With Customer Retention

A business realizes better returns if it takes time to retain the existing customers. Research shows that you spend up to five times more while acquiring new customers than keeping the existing ones. 

Spending 5% of your efforts on customer retention can help the business achieve profit margins ranging from 25 to 95%. The chance of landing a sale from an existing customer is 60 to 70%. With a new customer, the success is as low as 5-10%. 

Businesses must invest in meeting customer expectations and building relationships. Chatbots can help keep a conversation ongoing with customers. Targeting is possible through data insights ensuring you reach the right audiences. 

Chatbots interaction is possible on multiple devices, including mobile. It means you reach customers wherever they are, thus providing convenience. They can make their orders on the chat interface. Notifications on new products or promotions generate interest and may result in conversions. 

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Final Thoughts

The fact that a happy customer is a converting one is a foregone conclusion. There is a lot of competition on the e-commerce platform. It is not enough to have the best products and services. 

The right approach would be a customer-centric one. That means you do everything you can to make them happy. 

Excellent customer service, prompt feedback to queries, service personalization, and product recommendations are some ways. 

The best Shopify chatbots increase sales by learning customer behavior. They collect tons of data that help engage with customers better.


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