How Players Rate and Evaluate Different Game Genres

The gaming world is incredibly vast and diverse. Not too long ago, arcade stores filled the streets. Today, thousands of games are accessible from your PC, console, or mobile phone.

Game Genres

This makes proper evaluation of games essential. It will help you choose the best online casino, download the video game that will give you the best experience, and not invest hours on an underwhelming storyline.

In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of gaming, shedding light on how gamers evaluate different genres. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of what makes these genres stand out in the eyes of players and how to make smarter choices in the future.

Evaluating Online Casino Games

Since online casinos initially appeared in the late 90s, the industry has skyrocketed. Today, there are nearly 5000 platforms competing for your attention. To evaluate them accurately, it’s best to use the following criteria.

  • Graphics: New casino games, especially slots, come with advanced and exciting visuals. You’ll see games with detailed storylines, interesting characters, extras, and everything else needed for the best gaming experience. The graphics are also next-level. Slot machines come in 4k resolution with polished images that suck you in.
  • RTP rates: Return-to-player rates are one of the main criteria to always look for. The best games will have between 96% and 99% RTP, so never settle for less.
  • Bonuses: Online casinos’ most significant selling point is their reward programs. Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, online platforms have a lot of bonuses for new and regular players. Look for those with high welcome bonuses so you can try out as many of the casino’s offerings before investing your money.
  • Community score: Always look into community reviews of a casino before registering there. These are great ways to tell whether the casino is right for you. For example, one of the casinos that have been reviewed by various reputable critic sites is Goldenbet Casino. Recently, Top10Casinos rated Goldenbet Casino as stellar for newcomers to the online betting world. Critics will give you a detailed review of the platform, compare it with competitors, and tell you whether its offerings are worth the price.
  • Mobile support: Your free time is not spent all at home, and you can’t bring your PC everywhere you go if you want to game. So, good mobile support is a must for any serious online casino out there.

Multiplayer Video Games

Multiplayer games are the most popular form of gaming today. More than 1 billion people worldwide reported playing one over the past year. If you want to choose a multiplayer video game, the criteria you should focus on include:

  • Gameplay: Exciting gameplay is the most important aspect of this genre. The game should give you something new, a unique setting, new mechanics, something interesting and immersive. The gameplay should also focus on teamwork, allowing you to connect with other players and think of winning strategies together.
  • Graphics: Like any video entertainment content, graphics are crucial. Today’s video games should provide pristine visuals on any gaming console. Aside from quality, the graphics should include great animations, transferring you directly into the game world.
  • Progression system: Another crucial part of any multiplayer game is its progression system. Without a story, a competitive ladder is the only thing that will force you to return tomorrow. These progression systems also help balance the game by putting same-strength players into separate brackets.
  • Rich content: Finally, any game will become boring after a few weeks if there isn’t enough side content to fill it up. According to this GoldenBet Casino review, great games have many characters and items you need to win by completing missions. They also provide multiple modes, so you don’t get bored playing the same map repeatedly.

Single Player Video Games

Unlike multiplayer, single-player games provide vastly different experiences. Here, you put competitiveness aside, giving way to adventuring and solo exploration. You progress by unlocking more of the story writers have prepared beforehand. The evaluation criteria here include:

  • Storyline: Only a well-written story will make you complete a 50-hour-long game from start to finish. Single-player games must have great world-building and character development. They, in the true meaning of the word, must make sense and open your eyes to something intriguing and unseen.
  • Sound: In multiplayer games, most of the time, you only hear other players’ voices. In solo games, there are no teammates, so the sounds of the environment and the in-game music choices matter a lot. Triple-A games often come with custom soundtracks for the full experience.
  • Visuals: You shouldn’t put up with bad visuals, even in solo gameplay. In fact, visuals matter much more here. This genre puts you alone in a world you have to unlock, and it’s hard to connect with the game if the graphics are bad and glitchy.
  • Core mechanics: An unassuming thing that makes single-player games immersive is its core mechanics. Every game has some moves that you repeat throughout the gameplay. These are usually movements or fighting patterns unique to that game. However, developers have to be careful so they don’t make the game too repetitive and boring.
  • Replayability: Once you finish a single-player game, that’s it. There is nothing else to keep coming back for. That’s why a great single-player game must have at least some replay value. It shows how detailed and interesting the game was, making you return once again in case you missed something on the first playthrough.

Mobile Games

Mobile gaming has become extremely popular over the past decade. Mobile developers jumped to the next level and mastered the craft of immersive, endless gameplays offered on everyone’s small pocket screens. Here’s what to look for when judging a mobile game you want to try out:

  • Graphics: Don’t think that mobile means graphics don’t matter because they do. Most games in this genre are animated and rarely replicate real-world visuals. But they still need to be smooth and pass the eye test.
  • Fun to play: Many people play mobile games in their free time when there’s nothing else to do. If the game is too hard, too long, or becomes boring after a few minutes, it’s a sign of bad development.
  • Endless progression: Nobody wants to “complete” a mobile game. You want it to play like an endless loop, providing entertainment forever. Some developers tried the “progressive storyline” method, but it didn’t work out for a reason.</li>
  • Unique: There are countless apps available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Most of them are cheap copies of one another, so it’s important to look for the games that bring something new.
  • Platform optimization: Not all phones (and tablets) are the same. Some perform better than others. But a great mobile game should be optimized and well-running on all platforms.


As the gaming industry evolves, the criteria for evaluating different genres will adapt to the changing trends. Understanding the factors that make a game great can help you make better choices.

The key takeaway is that each genre has unique appeal and criteria to fulfill. So, whether you’re a fan of intense competition or solo exploration, there’s a game genre that suits your preferences and an enthusiastic gaming community ready to welcome you. All you need to do is define what you’re looking for and follow our guidelines for the best gaming experience.


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