How Do You Earn PMI PMP Certification? 3 Simple Steps To Obtain It Without Emotions

The PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is one of the most popular designations that professionals, who want to specialize in project management, are interested in obtaining. As we are talking about one of the world’s leading international certificates in project management, the process that candidates need to follow to get it is quite complex. The good news is that this article will help you identify some simple steps that you can follow to be successful in the actual test. Thus, keep reading the following paragraphs and take notes on how to procure the PMP endorsement


Become PMP Certified in 3 Simple Steps

When you decide that you want to build a career in project management and obtain the PMP international badge, you need to be very organized in your training routine. Thus, you can build a clear mission statement and visualize your final goal together by following the viable steps below:

1. Get clarity on what the PMP certificate is all about

Before you jump into training for getting certified, you need to understand the objectives of the PMP exam. In particular, the PMI PMP credential validates that you have the necessary soft skills to lead the project’s teams and help them adapt to changes. Also, this credential will reinforce your technical skills for managing projects and help you identify the connections that can be created between projects and the business’s key objectives .

2. Identify the main benefits for your career

Adding an international certificate under your belt will bring you numerous benefits. For example, you will be viewed as a valuable employee by your manager and stakeholders. Besides, such a credential demonstrates that you have advanced project management skills and you can deliver the project without flaws. In addition, your efforts for getting certified will be compensated with generous bonuses or a salary increase. What is more, the PMP badge is a valid proof of your ability to work smarter and be efficient in delivering expected results.

3. Meet the vendor’s prerequisites

Before you get enthusiastic about applying for the PMP certification, you need to meet some mandatory requirements. So, the first alternative will be to have a four-year degree and 36 months of experience leading a project. The subsequent choice would be to have a high school or associate diploma. Besides, you should have 60 months of experience in leading projects. Apart from meeting these conditions, you should demonstrate that you have 35 hours in project management training or education or have previously obtained the CAPM designation.

Wrap up

Getting the PMI PMP certification is an important step for your career. It will open different opportunities for you and help you consolidate your position in the company. Still, when you decide to enroll in the designation process, you should first check if you meet the necessary requirements and be 100% sure that this is what you need. Luckily, the steps detailed in the paragraphs above will help you establish clear goals and organize a comprehensive training strategy that will lead you to success in the actual PMP test. So, good luck with this amazing adventure!


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