How to Help Your Employees Keep Your Business Safe

Although your employees will try to keep your business safe, there are some areas where you can provide help to make this even easier for them to do, even if it is just providing good quality training. However, providing them with additional software that is designed to give extra security defenses is a must.

Business Safe

Password entries

One of the easiest ways to protect your business is to set up ways that your employees will be required to enter their own passwords to gain access to physical areas within your business and again for accessing any technology within your premises.

With this in mind, you will have to educate your employees on what constitutes a strong password as well as make sure that they change it regularly so that even if it is shared by accident, it is only active for a very limited time.

Responding to emails

Your employees should be protected when they are opening emails as well as when they are responding to them. One of the safest ways of doing this is to set up a DMARC, as this will help protect against spoofing techniques used by cybercriminals to gain access to information. To find out more about DMARC and how it can protect your business and your employees, as well as how it works and how it can help protect your business, click here.


You will need to educate your employees on the dangers of tailgating. This is a term used to describe those that sneak in behind others and gain access where they are not supposed to be. For instance, an employee that has to use a keycode or password to gain entry to the premises will be registered when entering. However, if they hold the door open for another person to come in after them, that person is tailgating and has not been registered.

Now, this may not seem like much in a small business where everybody knows each other so, therefore, would know not to let a stranger in, but if you are in a large facility, your employee and the tailgater are likely to be strangers, which could prove to be a security issue.

Nominate a go-to person

You may find it beneficial, as your employees certainly will, if you nominate an employee as a person for them to go to should anything out of the ordinary be spotted or to notify about stolen passwords, or if other pieces of valuable information or items that can be used to gain access to sensitive areas are mislaid.

Having a third party to report issues to can defuse a lot of stress out of any situation, especially if the person that provides the information is kept strictly confidential and able to go about their business without the stigma of being a snitch.

To sum it all up

In order to keep your business safe, you should be looking closely at how your employees gain access to your premises as well as to the data that you hold on your systems. They should be protected as much as possible when it comes to opening up emails so that they are less likely to be the target of a cybercriminal.

Providing your employees with a nominated person they can take security issues to would be highly beneficial within any organization. This is because those that provide information will feel less likely to be victimized by colleagues, especially if there is a level of confidentiality provided by the nominated person. With this in mind, you should also make your employees aware of the dangers to your business of tailgating, regardless of whether the person is known to them or not.


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