Five Best iPhone 7 cases – Stylish and Protective

Wanna buy best iPhone 7 cases? Apple’s iPhone 7 is an innovative smartphone. The removal of the audio jack was the revolutionary decision taken by the Apple Company. There were many people who loved that decision, Also there were people who hated that decision. But the people who hated that decision can use micro USB to audio jack adapter and simply use earphones as usual. iPhone 7 costs from 47k to 55k depending on the storage. So it is very important to protect such a costly device. The best way to protect your iPhone 7 is to use cases. Using cases will also make your iPhone 7 more stylish. But there are many cases for iPhone 7 available in the market. Want to choose best iPhone 7 cases? Don’t worry today we will discuss best iPhone 7 cases.

Best iPhone 7 cases

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2


Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2This case comes first in the list of best iPhone 7 cases. The Ultra Hybrid 2 consists of reinforced camera protection.  Also, it has reinforced button which improves phone protection. The best feature about this case is this case will provide same clarity to your iPhone style as the original with enhanced protection. Its hybrid makeup feature is perfect for transparent case lovers and they can enjoy long-lasting clarity with enhanced protection. This case is designed in such a way that it leaves no watermark while using and maintain back crystal clear. Corners of this case are protected with Air Cushion.

Price: Rs. 1,099.00
Available variants: Black, Crystal Clear, Red, Mint, Rose Crystal
Where to buy: Amazon

2. WOW Imagine Soft Silicone CaseWOW Imagine Soft Silicone Case

This case of iPhone 7 has a Perfect finish which gives Matte rubberized feel to the user. This Case provides iPhone 7 a robust appearance without any extra bulk. It has single-layered TPU construction which helps this case to maintains a slim profile. This gives an exact fit to your iPhone 7. Buttons of this case are designed to provide solid feedback and easy press.

Matte Finish of this case is a treat for your eyes. Edges of this case are raised in such a way that it protects your phone from scratches when the phone is kept in screen down position.
WOW imagine soft silicone case is coated with a scratch-proof coating which improves the durability of this case. Installation and removal of this case are quick and easy. This case provides superior impact resistance to your phone. This case is very light and hence provides protection without the addition of extra weight. Anti-dust plus prevents dust to enter in your phone.

Price: Rs. 295.00
Available variants: Pitch black, Navy black
Where to buy: Amazon

3. AE 360 DEGREE caseAE 360 DEGREE case

100% transparency of Crystal clear back panel retains the original look of your iPhone 7. Bigger and responsive buttons are really very easy to use. It provides smooth and uniform experience to the user. This case is designed with anti-scratch technology which prevents this case from scratches and dust while using. The pre-sized camera hole is a perfect fit for the camera of iPhone 7. This prevents shadowing of pictures taken by the phone camera.0.2 mm rise of the surrounding of camera prevents touching of the camera from a ground surface.

Price: Rs. 449.00
Available Variants: Black, Blue, Keziwu bumper black, Keziwu bumper blue, Keziwu bumper Red, TPU bumper Clear Black, White
Where to buy: Amazon

4. Spigen Rugged Armor CaseSpigen Rugged Armor Case


This is another best case for iPhone 7. This case has very good customer reviews. It has single-layered TPU construction which helps this case to maintains a slim profile and provides a perfect fit for iPhone 7. The texture of carbon fiber is really eye catching in this case.

Features of this case

  • Carbon fiber texture and glossy accent.
  • Internal spider web pattern and flexible TPU construction to protect from impacts.
  • Raised lips to prevent scratches.
  • Shock absorption due to Air Cushion Technology.
  • Buttons which provides solid feedback and easy press.

Price: – Rs. 949.00
Available Variants: – Black, Midnight blue
Where to buy: Amazon

5. KAPA Super Thin Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Case


This case has a Frosted texture which prevents your phone from scratches. And also provides better grip for your phone. This is the slimmest case made up of Ultra slim PP material. The closed key design of this case is very convenient for button pressing. This case has a micro convex lens on camera hole. which prevents the camera from scratches. And keeps it clean. The matte surface of this case gives better style and better phone handling for the user.

Price: Rs. 490.00
Available Variants: Black, Dark Blue, Glossy Jet Black, Rose gold
Where to buy: Amazon

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