Checkwordcounter: 12 Tips to Write a Professional Email Effectively

It is a fact that in today’s business world, professionals heavily rely on email for communication. However, when you get into emails, some are too long, and others are too short. In the same way, some are way too formal, whereas others would be informal. So to maintain professionalism, emails must be well-written. Even for emails, certain etiquette must be followed to make them more appealing. Moreover, an effective email should have straightforward, concise content that directly communicates to the audience. The writers should check the word count using the word counter checker and measure their text then and there. 

Professional Email

Here are the tips for writing a professional email. Let’s get started!

  1. Focus on Subject Lines

Subject lines convey the complete information of the email. Even during the searches, the users will search with the keywords of the subject line. Moreover, when someone receives an email, the subject line pops up on top of the inbox. Your subject line would help the viewer click on the information and check for more details. So keep it short and crisp. The subject line shall be around 998 characters on a standard mail. Some of the professional emails demand more explanation on the subject line itself.

  1. Use CTA

When we move on to the central part of the email, writers shall convey the points through the bullet points and call to action. It would be easy for the readers, and they would skim the emails. You shall include the call to action even if you want to make your audience take further action. Even highlight it for better reach. 

  1. Keep it Short 

Readers would prefer to read only a short email that has a paragraph. To captivate your email audience, it is best to keep your email too fast and to the point. Try to increase the readability by using easy, understandable words, and at the same time, it should be intriguing. Do not drag your email with unrelated content. Only write the related content that is to be delivered in the email. Every email is new and fresh, so do not include the contents from your past emails. To maintain the short sentences, check using the checkwordcounter and make your content perfect.  

  1. Do Not Make Disordered Content 

Refrain from jumping on the content concepts. For example, one line would be on a particular concept, and the following line would be about another idea. When you muddle the content, then it would be harder for the recipient to understand the email content. Instead, if you email your client, decide on the core points and end up with the follow-up lines.

  1. Maintain Your Tone

In the case of professional emails, you should maintain your writing tone. Sometimes, it has to be polite and demanding; sometimes, it would be more like asking for the viewer’s opinions. Sometimes, you need an immediate reply from the client or viewer. So based on your email requirements, you shall change the tone of your content. You shall use the exclamatory mark or question mark between the contents and wherever needed. 

  1. Avoid Quotes 

It would help if you avoided offensive quotes. Moreover, it might take up more space in the emails. If the quotes are reliable and worthy of the content, then you shall include them without any doubt. The quotes could be a general greeting but not related to anything personal. A piece of advice is to avoid specific and religious quotes. 

  1. Proofread Your Emails

Always proofread your emails before sending them to the recipient. Proofreading would enhance your email. It will help you pay attention to typos, errors, misspelled words, etc. After completing the emails, the sender should at least read them thoroughly. If you ignore proofreading, it may ruin the brand’s reputation. Therefore, make sure your emails look good. Please check on the word counts at the time of proofreading. You should leverage the Check word counter and reap better results. 

  1. Email Chains

For example, if you create a brand email, your primary motive would be turning your followers into customers. So try to maintain the email chains. It is necessary to have a follow-up mail if your audience needs to be more responsive. This would be the solution if you plan not to lose out on your potential clients. 

  1. Be Consistent With Your Fonts

Whenever a reader opens an email, then they must recognize that the email is from a particular person or organization. So to achieve this, they have to be consistent with the fonts. Maintaining the same font size and style throughout your emails is essential. It builds on the reputation more. So most of the standard fonts used by the audience are times new roman and Arial. Similarly, keep in mind that it makes your font size manageable size. Then it will be challenging for the audience to read. 

  1. Have A Simple Closing

It is necessary to have a happy closing. So end your emails with positivity. Use words like a sunny day, Thanks for your time, etc. that captivate your audiences. Even a simple closing may help gain loyal and long-lasting customers. If you follow this, you shall increase your email lists quickly time. 

  1. Maintain Proper Email Spacing

When it comes to email, spacing plays a significant role. Below are the guidelines to follow the email spacing, 

  • Only write a single paragraph. 
  • Leave a blank space between the greeting and the beginning of the message on the email. 
  • Leave a space between the paragraphs. 
  • Leave a space between the closing line and the before sentences. 
  1. Make Your Email Organized 

Emails should be structured appropriately so that it starts right from the subject line, then the main body of the mail, and finally with a thank you or follow-up line. Only a proper email structure would reach the message ideally to the client. So make your email more organized for a better professional look. 


We hope the above articles have explained all the tips to write in a professional email. So keep on writing with the etiquette to maintain professionalism. If you find the article quite interesting, leave your opinions in the comment section below. This article will help you with better tips for writing a professional email effectively.


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