Best iPhone Utilities For Enhanced Productivity

In today’s rapid environment, maintaining a high level of productivity is crucial for success, yet it often presents quite a hurdle. The multitude of daily duties and commitments means that focus can easily wave. However, there’s good news for iPhone users: an array of useful apps for iPhone are at your fingertips, poised to enhance your effectiveness.

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Top Utility Apps for iPhone to Improve Productivity

#1 Klok

With Klok, simply handpick the time zones that matter most to you and bring them straight to your fingertips by adding the app to your widget roster. A casual swipe left from your home screen will unveil a dynamic display of world time. Fancy a glimpse into tomorrow or next week? Tap the desired time zone and slide through time as the hour bar below obediently shifts. Behold, as other zones bend to your command, synchronizing seamlessly.

#2 Call Recorder for iPhone

You don’t have to answer all calls at once, as this will greatly interfere with your main job. Instead, you can install the app that records phone calls. When you use call recorder ACR, calls will be recorded and you can return to them when you have time. The Call Recorder for iPhone app allows you to not only minimize distractions, but also reduce the number of unnecessary calls. It can also be used as a voice call recorder.

#3 Elephas

Elephas enhances your typing experience on iPhones and iPads with intelligent writing modes and customizable text shortcuts, all while keeping you motivated with global leaderboards. Furthermore, powerful security features guarantee that your private notes remain just that — private. In essence, Elephas is designed to amplify your productivity by offering a personalized and secure keyboard solution suited for professionals who demand precision and privacy in their typing tasks.

#4 Authy

Struggling with Google’s two-factor authentication for Gmail? Meet Authy, the ultimate solution to easily manage those complex alpha-numeric passwords and enable two-factor authentication. This app creates unique tokens for each service you connect, facilitating the two-factor authentication process at login. Thanks to its cloud-based infrastructure, losing your device or SIM card is no longer a concern.

#5 Dictation

Dictation gives you the freedom to express your thoughts without touching the keyboard. Simply hit the microphone symbol on the keyboard’s lower-right side, then begin speaking. Switch seamlessly between speaking and typing as needed without having to turn off the dictation feature.

#6 Streaks

Using the powerful principles of psychology, Streaks is designed to help create sustainable habits. Set your objectives and monitor your achievements with an engaging visual interface. Streaks keeps you driven with timely notifications and nudges. Its straightforward approach to monitoring places an emphasis on developing beneficial routines such as daily exercise, reading regularly, or steadily advancing towards significant ambitions by making modest yet consistent strides each day.

#7 1Password

1Password stands as a robust password management tool that creates and retains complex passwords to eliminate the burden of memorization. For those who might consider the app’s cost steep, it’s worth noting that 1Password goes beyond just password storage. It acts as a secure digital vault for your notes, credit card information, and even personal identification documents. Think of it as the ultimate digital safe for all your sensitive personal information.

#8 Productive

Productive presents in-depth analysis through its automated time-tracking feature and exhaustive analytics. Visual graphs display your everyday engagement, pinpointing apps that consume an undue amount of time. Take control by limiting access to these distractions. Productive evaluates your task load based on the categories of applications you engage with, distinguishing between times of productivity and inactivity with precision. Set personal milestones and maintain a sequence of achievements to bolster ongoing improvement.

#9 Push Ups

The app “Push Ups” deserves mention for its innovative approach to tracking push-ups. Positioning your phone beneath your face, the app requires you to touch your nose to an on-screen circle with each rep. It’s unconventional, yes, but it ensures precision in your count—no more half-hearted attempts going unnoticed.

#10 Forest

Forest harnesses the power of play to help boost your concentration. Picture this: each productive moment blossoms into a digital tree right on your screen. Start the timer, and while your phone takes a rest, you’re in the zone—no disruptions. As time ticks by, your focused minutes cultivate a charming forest, rewarding your dedication with unexpected treats along the way. All your endeavors are neatly organized into work and break periods, creating a balanced routine. Plus, with Forest, you can join forces with your pals, sparking a friendly race to the top of the productivity charts!


If you’re looking to optimize your efforts and time spent, you’re already on the right track. All you need is the right applications that will take the extra burden off your shoulders and reduce the time it takes to complete standard operations. They also allow you to structure your day and work routine. But now this problem has disappeared, because the list of applications is available above.


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