Are Casinos Available in Former Soviet Countries?

The Soviet Union was a historical part of the world’s history that when it was dissolved 30 years ago, its remnants are still felt today. Many of its laws and regulation had changed as the union disappeared and removed its control. Gambling was one of these areas. Physical casinos were still around in some of these countries, places with regular tables and promotions like 25 free spins no deposit casinos. Many of these countries, once separated, have managed to grow and flourish in their own ways. This includes the way they approach gambling and how to regulate it for its people. Here are the five main countries are how you can access casinos from them.

Soviet countries


There are still a few land-based casinos left in Russia that have been able to flourish. The most popular ones around are the Sochi Casino and the Gorno-Altaysk-based area named Alti Palace. Another one is the Tigre de Cristal Casino. You can visit these places to enjoy happy table games and play some of your favorite classics—Roulette, Blackjack and more. Online gambling is a very different story. This is illegal in Russia. Back in 2009, the law states that only land-based casinos approved by the government can be accessible for gambling. This includes blocking online service providers run by casino operators.


Just like 2009, Ukraine had also made gambling illegal, not just online but almost all forms of gambling, even land-based casinos. This was all due to a fire that had occurred in a gambling hall within the country. Gambling was made illegal as a response to halt any illegal activity related to these places. Even though this is the reality, many underground gambling operations had been run underneath the radar. Gambling had been under discussion by the government for some time. In 2020 the bill was passed making gambling legal.


Many land-based casinos are still operable in this country. They will primarily be located in the capital of the country named Minsk. Casinos such as the Maxwell Club and the Metelitsa are the best sites in the town. Gomel is another highly recommended area, located in the regular locale within the country. When it comes to online gambling, this too is being placed under discussion. In February 2020, at least four other casinos applied to operate within the area. Many of these casinos will focus mainly on poker activities. You can find other strategy-based games in these establishments as well. Slot machines will be given less focus and won’t appear much in Belarus casinos.


The Republic of Georgia is yet another location that mainly has land-based casinos. The total number of casinos is ten operable properties. They can be found in the two major cities of Batumi and Tbilisi. When it comes to online gambling, Georgia has shown great support for the form of online activity. They have been able to have many well-known and famous casinos to allow operations within their borders. This includes The Guts, NetBet, William Hill, 888 and Casumo Casinos. Other software providers have been able to make their games suitable for Georgian players.


Latvia is very much still a place for both land-based casinos and online gambling. So much so that they even have their own gambling authority named The Latvian Association of Gaming Business. There is a total of six casino establishments that have gained gaming licences from this authority. These are all the online casinos that are allowed in Latvia. Land-based casinos are still plentiful, with many of them populating the capital, Riga. Unlike the other countries, slots are the most popular form of choice. Poker itself has been slowly rising in popularity as well, with actual tournaments being held in various parts of the country. These too will be supervised by The Latvian Association of Gaming Business.

As you can see, there are varied results of how gambling has been handled since the Soviet Union. Online gambling so far is the main obstacle. Many of their worries come from the lack of control or authority that can monitor this method of gambling properly. Latvia is by far the best example, as they have their own licensing company that can supervise various online operations. When it comes to safety and security, Latvia and Georgia are by far the best gambling choices.

Disclaimer: We are simply here to provide information about casinos for entertainment purposes only. Although we talk about betting online on our websites pages, it is the responsibility of all visitors to this website to check current local laws in their own area or country before doing any gambling online.



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