7 Best Monitors for Gaming PCs You Need to Know

Finding the best monitors for a gaming PC can be a daunting task. New technologies are cropping up every day. Therefore, with advanced monitors getting to the market, choosing one might be difficult. Nevertheless, you have to go for a monitor that best suits your gaming style.

You can go for LED monitors, OLED monitors, or the best MacBook pro monitor. But, If it doesn’t serve the recommended purpose, it will be a waste of resources.

Monitors for Gaming PC

How Do You Choose The Best Gaming Monitor?

Choosing a monitor varies from gamer to gamer. No matter your gaming style, always look out for the refresh rate, resolution power, response time, and price.

The resolution you need depends on how powerful your machine is. You might be confused on whether to go for 4K, 1440p, or a plain HD resolution. Extremely powerful machines that can operate games at 4k resolutions (3840 by 2160 pixels) will need a more elaborate monitor.

1080p monitors will pair up well with cheaper monitors. The monitors in between 4K and 1080p can operate at quad-HD resolutions.

Powerful machines also need monitors with higher refresh rates.

The price will depend on your budget. However, expensive monitors are likely to serve you for longer.

The following are other factors to note:

  • A shorter response time is excellent. It needs to be 3ms or less.
  • A bigger refresh rate is better; it shouldn’t be less than 120Hz.
  • The panel type matters – IPS panels provide excellent color accuracy and great refresh rates. TN panels have a fast response and low input lag.
  • Colorbuild quality
  • FreeSYNC & G-Sync compatibility

The following are some of the best monitors for gaming PCs:

Dell S3220DGF Gaming Monitor

This is among the best 32-inch gaming monitors. With around $450, you can bag yourself a powerful gaming monitor.

It has a bright and colorful screen. Hence, the looks of adventures and action games containing rich color pallets are fascinating to play. The presets also make navigation effortless.

The Dell S3220DGF monitors are heavy and huge. Thus, you’ll need a strong desk to support the model. Lastly, you can easily set it up.

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

At first glance at the Asus ROG Swift, you will fall in love with it. It’s been in the market for the longest, and it’s proving to be worth the stay. The monitor is for gamers who want quality pictures and excellent IPS viewing angles without spending much.

Everything from its style, quality, and illuminated base gives a great impression. It’s an all-rounder with a stable refresh rate of up to 165Hz. For optimum blur reduction, it contains ULMB. You can also quickly swap between frames rates.

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q solidly built nature and adjustable joystick at the back make it easy to move the on-screen display. The performance is a 5 star.

Samsung Odyssey G9

If you are a serious gamer, Samsung Odyssey is what you should opt for. It’s an ultrawide gaming monitor that will give you the gaming experience of your life. Unfortunately, you have to be playing games that can work with a large monitor. If not, you will notice black edges on the right and the left of your screen during a game.

It also comes with an excellent resolution of 5120 by 1440 pixels and a refresh rate of 240 Hz. Samsung Odyssey G90 is great in handling motion by keeping up with action. 

Apart from gaming, it’s a great monitor for your everyday tasks. The texts and images are top-notch, thanks to the resolution that comes with it. It’s one of the brightest monitors in existence.

Gigabyte G27Q

Gigabyte G27Q is the best free sync gaming monitor. The 27-inch display gives it a simple and stylish look. Also, It has vibrant panels since it’s HDR-capable.

Because of its IPS panel, the monitor has accurate, consistent, and vibrant colors. It additionally offers smooth gameplay. The 178 degrees wide viewing angle shows perfect images regardless of your viewing point.

Lastly, Its speed is top-notch, thus worth every penny you decide to spend on it.

AOC 27G2

AOC 27G2 is among the most affordable gaming monitors. At a price of around $ 200, you can acquire one, though the price keeps fluctuating. Its IPS panel offers you good viewing angles, ensuring you enjoy your gaming time.

Although it doesn’t have bright panels for features such as HDR, its 250 nits are bright enough. More so, it protects your eyes. It has a 144 Hz refresh rate and a 1080p display, ample figures to enjoy all the actions in your games.

AOC 27G2 resolution is excellent. It allows modern graphic cards to operate at high frame rates.

LG UltraGear 27GN950-B

This is one of the best 4K gaming monitors. A 4K resolution is one of the best ways to increase your gaming experience. The pictures look crisper with finer details.

LG Ultragear is also built for speed. With an ultra-fast 1ms response rate, you enjoy every second you spend gaming. The 27-inch gaming monitor gives the 4K HDR experience that most TVs have.

Dell Alienware AW2521H

Dell Alienware AW2521H is a great gaming model and great for esports. It is well built with a modern design hence fits easily in most setups. The IPS panel contains wide viewing angles with several ergonomic adjustments, thus excellent for playing co-op.

It has a fast response rate, and a 360 Hz refresh rate ensures no blur trail behind fast-moving objects. It has a flicker-free backlight that reduces eye strain.

Also, it supports HDR. But, since it doesn’t get bright enough, the highlights don’t stand out.

Despite some shortcomings, it’s a great gaming monitor for professional esports players and casual gamers.

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The gaming monitor you choose is dependent on a variety of factors. Even so, go for the one that fits your needs. Consider factors like the resolution, size, refresh rate, and speed. A great gaming monitor would give you a great gaming experience.


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