5 Kickass Tips to Generate Catchy Profile Usernames

Profile usernames are the center of attraction of your blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other base you use to express yourself to the society. An attractive and efficient username will help you building your better image before the social. While selecting your profile name, you need to consider certain things so that your username depicts the best of your personality and way of thinking. You should keep in mind various things while choosing your username:

  1. The platform where you are creating your profile.
  2. What do you want to show or express from your username?
  3. If you are blogger starting from scratch how well you use words so that more audience is attracted to your blog?
  4. What should be the tone of the blog?
  5. How to make it cool to captivate more friends (on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or draw more considerations for your profile (dating sites)?

If your username is not alluring, you will always remain under the radar. Therefore, you need to look at a few tips while selecting your username:

1. Grasp a Thesaurus

Command of your thesaurus would always help you express yourself in a better way. Use of different words, much alluring and fascinating would grab the attention of the audience on your profile. Thesaurus helps you to convey your message to the audience in a single word instead of the whole sentence so that people don’t miss the wood of a particular tree. Using exciting words like buzz, hint, etc. sounds much better to the ears of people. Everything should be even keel without tooting your own horn. You should use words without creating any jargon so that it could be easily understood.

2. Inspiration from books

You can refer to good books for adopting your username. You can take the name of a book character even you can opt the name of the book straightforward which would describe your taste and grab the attention of the people having the taste of one’s own kind.

A bibliophile would always get attracted to such things you use in your profiles which would get a massive influx of audience on your profile.

3. Use different language or your own name

One of my favourite languages is French. There’s something incredibly beautiful about the way the words and syllables flow together to create their meanings. Everybody knows the English language has a combination of various other languages one of which is French; you can use these foreign languages to make your profile name more effective and catchy, the word should be lucid and eloquent deriving its meaning from the first sight of the reader.

The word should be simple and short with few syllables so that it becomes easy to pronounce and remember. If you are looking to stand out in a saturated market, choosing an abstract phrase in a language other than English can be a great way to draw attention to yourself. You can also use your own name as your username, getting the meaning of your name in other language and using it which would look more effective. For example- froid as a synonym of cool, fascine instead of fascinating, etc.

You can see how the use of other language make your words more alluring and sometimes it shortens the word as well defining you in a more laconic way.

4. Playing with words and use alliteration

We all love to play more than studying, so why not to play with words, breaking different words connecting with the parts of the other devising something new more flamboyant and fathom. You can use alliterations to make your username more vigilant and it looks more fascinating to others and while pronunciation it would sound more interesting and pleasant. It would create a great impact on the minds of the audience. If you see many words are made by adding two different words adding prefixes and suffixes or two words of different origins and consequently getting something interesting and mind-boggling. You should explore all avenues to get exciting results and end up discovering something new and fasciner (see how I used short word to express myself I am learning my own tricks impressive, aren’t I?) you can make cool usernames to make more friends over social media and also grab the attention of more users on your blog. Once you start getting an influx of audience on your profile, you are ready to keep your tail up always.

5. Use humour and avoid negative words

A humorous, optimistic and positive username gets the maximum attention. As far as I know, people get attracted towards those things which make them laugh and inspire them as well. It is a basic human psychology that human mind gets allured towards the positive emitting energy and they also love to go through humorous things. Therefore, to make your profile more exciting and response receiving you should always use humorous and positive username. If you are creating your profile on dating site, for example, a negative and simple username will not induce anyone to contact you unless you provide something piquant and attention-grabbing things.

Laughter and humour is an infectious tonic with the benefit of making your readers smile. It might not be effective in case of professional profile but you can give it a try it might prove worthy. You would have listen from your elders, nothing can be more blessing than bringing a smile on the face of others, got a bit dramatic but true. If you want to stand out of a wild goose chase and make your own way to get through things, then you should make a step forward if still not getting results you are holding the wrong end of the stick and change the way there and then.


Bottom Line

Hence, you should keep in mind all these kickass tips while opting for a catchy profile username and make your it exciting and mind-boggling. You need to be smart as a whip for choosing your username because it will be representing you, your taste, your way of thinking and your way to express yourself. Be smart, active, attractive and cool to make others envy of you and getting more attention and influx of audience over your online profile.

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