The Importance of AI in Customer Service

The 21st century dictates new rules to business. Total digitalization and easy access to the various kinds of service increases the importance of communication between companies and their customers. In this case, the vaunted customer experience comes to the fore in the paradigm of business-customer relationships. In short, increasing the communication space of a business with its customers offers companies many opportunities to attract both new customers and create for old desires and opportunities to return.

Application support engineer oversees the installation and maintenance of software applications and can help in AI managing. All platforms through which the customer communicates with the business create a certain experience for him and leave an emotional effect, which can be called a customer experience. In the article we will talk about the role of artificial intelligence in creating necessary customer experience and how it determines success of a business.

What Is AI and How Does It Work in a Business?

One can not help but recall the artificial intelligence technology, which has already become and continues to be an essential part of improving the customer experience. Nowadays, customer experience has become almost the top priority for businesses.

According to PWC research, one in three consumers say they will no longer work with a brand that provided them with poor service. Customers become more demanding of brands, and brands become more attentive to customers’ whims. A good customer experience is a matter of further business development and every team member of a company plays an important role, especially application support developer, who maintains the efficiency of software applications. The key point of AI for business is the ability to create and deliver ultra-personalized and deepest customer experience and service quality for its customers.

AI in Customer Service
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Broadly speaking, AI is an intelligent computer program, the purpose of creation and existence of which is to solve a kind of creative tasks inherent in humans. The main advantage of AI is data processing speed, which exceeds the speed of the human brain many times. Of course, AI is not yet Skynet from the formidable world of the future.

At the moment, all AI-based technologies provide the most objective structured data sets and their analysis, and a person makes decisions based on this data. Like any modern technology, during its development and growth, there is an interest in its use for commercial purposes. AI was developed back in the 20th century, but recently the technology has received a powerful leap in its development. According to PwC report 2018, 54% of executives claim that the AI solutions embedded in their company’s business model have already significantly increased their companies’ productivity.

Artificial Intelligence Helps to Augment the Work of Human Customer Service

Leveraging technologies such as AI allows businesses to not just collect data about their customers, but to gain a greater understanding of customers’ needs. AI can evolve the necessary data, suggest the best methods for both processing and use, which inevitably simplifies a huge number of business processes and allows the business to find more personal and emotional approaches to their customers.

The use of AI in customer service makes it possible to simplify communication for a customer as much as it is needed, to make solving any problems faster, and conflicts occur rarely. What is even more advantageous in this situation is that increasing the efficiency of customer service communication gradually creates brand loyalty among customers. Loyalty is one of the main factors in creating a strong customer base, which any business needs so much. The key to this is the symbiosis of modern technologies to create the most comfortable customer experience.

In today’s business paradigm, the customer has become the epicenter of any business activity. It is not a growing trend, not a forecast, but an objective reality of the present. The global market is incredibly huge, and the number of customers for which there is a struggle is still limited. In this fiercely competitive environment, it is not whoever has the most power, land, machines, or anything else that wins. Efficiency and positive customer experience are the drivers of modern business, this is what attracts the customer and develops companies.

Importance of Using AI in Customer Service

The simple truth holds that if any business process can be automated, do it. Modern opportunities for the digitalization of business processes and customer service allow you to achieve three major purposes for new-day business: time-saving, enhancement of efficiency, and cost-reducing. AI technology in this case is the most obvious option that will help make the customer service of almost any business more intuitive, clear, and efficient.

The chatbot implementation, website activity analysis, automation of feedback, and an automatic system for solving issues and responding to inquiries allow not only to simplify communication but also to make it more pleasant for the customer. AI tools, in turn, will be able to analyze needs of a customer. Further, based on the analyzed points of contact between business and customers, you can create the most comfortable environment for customers, which is already excellent customer service.

At the same time, with a clear and well-coordinated work of the AI embedding into business, a business will be able to see how the customer experience shapes its commercial model in a more customer-oriented way. In this case, it is worth noting the importance of working with customer feedback.

Not every customer is ready to spend time on feedback, but if they did it, it is expected that his or her wishes will be chalked up. Otherwise, the customer can lose loyalty to the brand. The use of AI can also be a significant advantage in this case. Analyzing feedback, increasing automation, and efficiency will make your customer service a magnet for new customers.

The implementation of AI solutions is a step further from a strategic perspective. This, no doubt, is a major investment in business modernization and will have far-reaching implications. One of the main reasons will be a significant increase in the company’s productivity. At the same time, increased productivity directly affects the service provided to customers and the creation of a successful customer experience.

Accordingly, AI solutions will always have a complex effect on the business. Customer experience will always benefit from digital modernization, as it improves communication with the customers and creates pleasant and nice emotions for your customers, who, in turn, want to share them with their friends – your potential future customers.


Customer experience becomes the cornerstone of commerce. Without it, no business can exist in the future. After all, any brand sells emotion to a person, not only service or product.

In this case, the customer experience becomes the foundation on which the business builds the loyalty of its stable audience and its own attractiveness to new customers. It is worth mentioning that there can be nothing more attractive in business than capacity and comprehension.

The customer requires not only service from the business, but something even more important — attention. Automation of business processes, implementation of AI tools will make your communication with the customer more intuitive, efficient, and understandable. Positive customer experience will become a guarantee of business commercial growth.


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