The Best VPN for Netflix – Here’s What You Look For

Netflix is arguably the most popular streaming service around. Unfortunately, it might be blocked in your region. It is available in most areas, except for a few countries due to copyright reasons. Even if it is available in your country, a VPN might be needed to access certain features. We’ve talked all about this below.

VPN for Netflix

What Is A VPN?

You can easily bypass geo-blocks and restrictions with virtual private networks. They hide your IP, preventing your data from being sent to your ISP. Your connection would be tunneled to a server of your choice, either abroad or another region in your country.

As mentioned previously, Netflix is not available everywhere due to copyright laws. In the areas that it is available, you’ll realize that content libraries differ from place to place. The US has the best. Some nations have banned certain shows, which the streaming service has to abide by as well.

If it isn’t available where you live, a VPN will allow you to bounce your connection to a location where you can access it. Or you’ll be able to connect to a country that has a better content library than yours.

Sadly, not all virtual private networks work well. Make use of the below points to find the best ones.


As mentioned, not all VPNs can unblock Netflix. This is because the streaming service has been cracking down on them. Netflix goes on the hunt for such servers and blacklists them. The chances of a free virtual private network being able to work with the streaming service is zero – they tend to share servers amongst themselves.

Paid VPNs are worth your time, however. But even then, some might have servers that are blacklisted. You need to check online if this is the case for the one you’re interested in.

Generally, if the software can access Netflix, it can access other streaming services too. This is appreciated as Disney+ is not available in most parts of the world.

Server Count

With more servers available, you’ll be able to unlock the content libraries in other regions. A lot of virtual private networks offer servers in Europe, America, and Oceania. The very best offer a selection from South America and Africa.

The more servers available, the faster you’ll be able to stream content. You can connect to one as close to you as possible, so it won’t become slow (more on this below). The more available, the lesser the chances of the platform blocking them all.

Device Count

VPNs allow you to connect to different devices. The standard is 5+. More expensive paid VPNs let you connect to around 10. You should make note of how many devices you’ll be able to use before getting one. Your whole family would be able to make use of a VPN this way. You’ll also be able to connect dedicated devices like tabs to the streaming service. Tablets are probably the best way to stream content. Units like the Samsung Tab S6 have massive 10.5-inch screens that are Super AMOLED.


When you are connected to a VPN, your internet will slow down slightly. If you’re using a powerful handset or computer, you might think that they would be affected less. However, this is not the case. Even the Tab S6 with the mighty Snapdragon 865 would be hindered. This is because your data is not only tunneled away but placed in a heavy lock as it is moved. Connecting to a server closer to you would make your connection faster, as your data wouldn’t be tunneled as far. The best VPNs would make slower speeds the least noticeable.


Whether you’re using a VPN for Netflix or not, you need to make sure that it’s highly secure. It needs to have a military level lock. This way, when you’re online, no one will be able to infiltrate your connection. There are different types of encryptions available and military encryptions are the toughest to get through.

The only parties that have the key to decoding your data would be the device you’re using and your server.

When it comes to security, you need to make note of the protocols present as well. There are multiple types available. OpenVPN is the best as it’s highly secure but the program you’re using should offer a selection. As mentioned, you might use a tablet or phone to stream content. For them IKEv2 is the best – it’s the most mobile-friendly.


Free VPNs make profits by bombarding you with advertisements. Some of them store your data, selling it to third parties. Opting for a paid VPN would be the safest. You might be spending a lot on Netflix, so you might want to cut costs on the software. Packages of $13 monthly are considered pricey.

We’re happy to say that the majority of them offer yearly plans. This would allow you to pay around $2-4 every 30 days.

Virtual Private Networks are very popular. So, if you give it some time, you could snag one for a deal. Large names like Nord offer the best sales.

While we’re on the topic of paid VPNs, know that some free virtual private networks are malicious programs masquerading as VPNs.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Netflix libraries are not similar all over the world. Unfortunately, the streaming service is not available in certain nations. Thankfully, virtual private networks can help. As mentioned, they’d tunnel your connection to a server of your choice. You’d be able to bypass the streaming service’s geo-block.

When it comes to picking a VPN, the most important factor is functionality. Several VPNs don’t work with streaming services as their servers have been blacklisted. These are usually free ones.

The amount of servers available is important too. The more of them you have access to, the more Netflix libraries you’ll be able to unlock.


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