Amazon Alexa Crashed in the Day of Christmas

Amazon Alexa Couldn’t resist Christmas Day overload

The smart speakers using Amazon Alexa were not so smart after this voice-controlled virtual assistant crashed. The servers which controlled Alexa overflowed with questions and requests from users. That is why Alexa had no choice but to tell the users “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now.”

The crash was reported to occur around 10 am GMT. This crash caused 1558 reports on mainly from UK and US. People who bought new Amazon Smart Speakers were not able to ask Alexa for Christmas carols, or for tasty dinner recipes.

25th December was indeed a busy day for Web Servers for Alexa as they were hit up with a lot of requests for new device set up. It was also found that on 25th December the companion app for amazon echo was the most downloaded app both in Google play store and Apple store.

An Amazon spokesperson said that on 25th December, Amazon had an issue that impacted the ability of customers to interact with Alexa. The spokesperson also said that the services were back to again, shortly after the crash.

There were some tweets and re-tweets about this crash, here are two of them –

Other controversies regarding Alexa:-

This is not the first time Amazon’s Smart Assistant has been the centre of a controversy. In the previous year, there were reports that Alexa advised users to do some creepy and nasty things. There was a report that Alexa said to a user “Kill your foster parents.”

After all, Alexa just went for a holiday on 25th December. Alexa could not endure the stress after constantly handling its 24/7 job of offering recipes, news, music and etc. But this was a not the best day for Alexa to take leave I guess.


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