The 5 best Bluetooth selfie sticks for iOS and Android Smartphones


We live in the age of social media where our Facebook feed and Instagram posts are flooded with selfies. The craze behind selfies remains unabated. We can say that selfies have become a part of lives; and what better tool to use to capture those amazing shots – selfie sticks of course!

The selfie trend has gained so much popularity that you can find designated selfie spots to capture a picture with your selfie stick. All the major hotels, tourist attractions, and monuments  are dotted with these spots. The selfie stick is also advantageous in many situations where you would want to fit a lot of people into a single picture. Therefore, this makes the selfie stick a must-carry item for both long and short trips. Here’s a list of the 5 best selfie sticks for your Smartphone.

  1. CaseJunction HR-Z07-1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick

    The build quality of the stick for its price is excellent and the rubberized handle makes for a better grip. The stick comes with a bunch of other items like Bluetooth remote shutter, CR2032 button cell, and a manual. This selfie stick pairs easily with both the iPhone and Android mobile devices. The setup  is quite easy: you simply turn ON the remote switch then search and pair with your device. One great thing about this product is its anti-rotating feature, and due to this, the stick does not rotate under the weight of the smartphone. CaseJunction HRZ071 Bluetooth Selfie Stick

    Price:  ₹599.00
    Where to Buy: Amazon

  2. Yunteng 4-Section Selfie Stick

    This is another great selfie stick that is worth every bit of your money. You also get a Bluetooth shutter along with the stick. The stick is extremely sturdy and certainly fares better than other local brands. It can hold up to 2.5 KGs and can also be used to hold DSLRs. It works with both iPhone and Android phones.Yunteng 4Section Selfie Stick

    Price: ₹489.00
    Where to Buy: Amazon

  3. Photron SLF900BT Professional Selfie Stick

    This is a great selfie stick to carry along on a casual outing. The Photron is a household name and this selfie stick is surely worth the money. It’s extremely compact and can fit inside a pocket or a small purse quite easily. Its U shaped mount has silicone protection for the safety of your phones. The holder can rotate 270 degrees to help you capture wide-angle shots much better. It has an inbuilt bluetooth remote so you don’t have to carry anything extra. The battery charging time is an hour and it has enough juice to last a couple of hours easily. You get all this at an unbelievable price!Photron SLF900BT Professional Selfie Stick

    Price: ₹390.00
    Where to Buy: Amazon

  4. Yunteng YT-1288 Handheld Monopod

    Another great product by Yunteng, this stick is slightly more expensive but the latter clearly outmatches the former in terms of quality. The contents of the box include a Bluetooth remote and a USB cable for charging the device. In addition to all this, it has a great lockhead mechanism that allows you to lock the stick at particular heights. This is especially useful if you are going to use many devices. You do not have to worry about the safety of your iPhone/android smartphone/ digital camera ever again.Yunteng YT1288 Handheld Monopod

    Price: ₹699.00
    Where to Buy: Amazon

  5. ZAAP(USA) NUSTAR1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick

    This is a premium selfie stick and slightly on the expensive side but is worth every penny if you are willing to shell out. It has great design and is light weight. It’s made of Aluminium, making it durable and long-lasting. It is compatible with almost every iPhone and Android phone and syncs via Bluetooth within seconds. It’s handle and phone holder both are made of silicone ensuring better grip and safety for your Smartphone. It has an amazing battery life allowing you take 4000 plus selfies on a single charge. What makes it so popular among the customers is that you get a 12-month warranty for your purchase.ZAAP USA NUSTAR1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick

    Price: ₹1,499.00
    Where to Buy: Amazon

So what are you waiting for? check out these selfie sticks and get clicking those amazing selfies right now!

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